A Christmas Fantasy! – Weekly Photo Update with Jay! 11-21-12

DAPs Magic Disney News – by Jaytasmic

The snow and icicles on the castle is definitely the thing I missed the most about Christmas time at Disneyland.

Good evening everyone! Welcome to my first official weekly photo update for Daps Magic News!

This week I went on an evening visit to Disneyland and took the time to experience the official start of the Christmas season. It is my favorite time of the year and I really missed the special offerings such as, “A Christmas Fantasy” parade, “Believe… In Holiday Magic” Fireworks Spectacular, and of course the magical snowfall that only Disney can bring to life.

Here is a glimpse of what Disneyland park has to offer at night for the holiday season.


Duffy the Disney Bear takes the place as the new teddy bear that sits on the opening float of “A Christmas Fantasy,” along with a graceful ballerina.
A beloved favorite by many, the toy soldiers march down the parade route, while offering joyous music with their instruments.
If there’s one thing that Donald loves the most about Christmas time, it is definitely his hot cocoa. Perhaps he will enjoy a cup after he is finished helping Mrs. Claus sorting out the letters to Santa.
Here, Mickey Mouse teachers his girlfriend, Minnie Mouse, how to ice skate so she can be ready for her skating competition with Daisy Duck! (Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas)
Chef Goofy and his son Max are spending some father/son bonding time by creating one of the world’s largest Gingerbread Houses! It sure looks delicious!
Being chipmunks, Chip and Dale are wasting no time gathering all the acorns they need for Winter. But they also love to celebrate the holidays!
Everyone’s favorite toy rocks on his big, toy rocking horse. Who wouldn’t want a huge rocking horse like that one for Christmas?
I hope you all have been good this year, because Santa Claus is coming to town!
The holiday time fireworks spectacular, “Believe… In Holiday Magic,” is also a special attraction that everyone should experience during the holidays. But don’t be disappointed once the fireworks end, because you’ll be happy what is to come right after…
After the holiday fireworks, Disneyland turns into a magical winter wonderland with a magical snow fall that only Disney can make possible.


And since it is Thanksgiving Day tomorrow, let us all give a huge thank you and appreciation to the man that made this happy place possible. Thank you, Walt, for creating a magical place full of your wonderful characters that bring joy and happiness to the hearts of millions.

Above the Main Street Firehouse lies the apartment built for Walt Disney himself. During the holiday season, the lamp that usually sits in front of the window is replace with a small Christmas tree. The light is a symbol that Walt’s spirit is still there and watching over us.


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