Preview Clips of THE RESCUERS: 35th Anniversary Edition & THE RESCUERS DOWN UNDER – 2 Movie Collection

DAPs Magic Disney News – by Mr. DAPs

On August 21st, Disney releases of THE RESCUERS: 35th Anniversary Ed & THE RESCUERS DOWN UNDER – 2 Movie Collection on Blu-ray Combo Pack! The following clips have been released by Disney to give a glimpse of what will be found on this collection when it is released.

THE RESCUERS: 35th Anniversary Edition 

“Rescue Aid Society”‘

“Choosing a Co-Agent” 

“Gators Play the Organ

“The Rescuers Meet Penny” 



“Engagement Mix Up” 

“Snowy Takeoff”

“Australia Arrival”

“Wilbur Watches the Eggs”