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Chimpanzee is the newest documentary to be released by Disneynature. Narrated by Tim Allen, this film follows the family of Oscar, a young chimpanzee. As Oscar grows up, his family of chimpanzees face the challenges nature has to offer as they search for food and try to survive the invasion of a rival clan under the leadership of the chimpanzee Scar who wants their precious nut grove.

Picture and Sound:

Chimpanzee looks and sounds absolutely beautiful. Disneynature is building a very strong line of movies that look and sound beautiful. Quality is premium for these films and as a result, they are appealing for both the eyes and the ears. There were multiple scenes that would make for beautiful portraits that I’d love to have in my home!

Bonus Features:

There were a few bonus features included with Chimpanzee. On Location: The Making of Chimpanzee is an in depth look at how this film was made. It is a wonderful addition to this documentary. It shows how unglamorous and difficult making a documentary like this really is. There is a music video called Rise included along with a making of included as well. See Chimpanzee, Save Chimpanzees takes a look at the charity efforts connected with this film to help save chimpanzees. Disney’s Conservation Legacy briefly goes into Disney’s efforts to help Earth. Lastly, Disney’s Friends for Change encourages young ones to help make a difference.


Chimpanzee is a beautifully filmed movie. Oscar is beyond cute and his story is compelling. It appears that each Disneynature film continues to strive to be better than the last. For the most part, Disneynature has been successful in this matter. The only critique I could really offer for this film is the choice of Tim Allen as the narrator. Some of the narration script detracted from the movie as they appeared to be clear references to Tim Allen’s former role as “Tim the Toolman Taylor” in his fictional show Tool Time, on Home Improvement. Beyond this, there are a couple of moments that might be too intense for younger children. Overall, this is a beautiful movie that continues to build on the fine legacy that Disneynature is continuing. This is one that should be added to the movie library and I do give it a hat tip!


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  1. The Disney Nature movies never cease to impress me with their ability to blend storytelling and documentary filmmaking. The masters over at Disney are somehow able to shape reality into their classic storylines. I mean how many of their animated movies are about a little animal out on their own? A couple of co-workers from Dish and I went to see this move in theatres, and I loved it so much then that I added to my Blockbuster @Home list that night. I was pleasantly surprised to find it in my mailbox this morning, and was blown away watching the Blu-Ray. It is probably the coolest thing I have watched on my HD TV. I love being able to rent expensive Blu-Rays so I can use my high end system without breaking my budget.

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