Grizzly Gulch to debut on July 14, with seven major experiences offering a runaway Wild West adventure

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(July 3, 2012 – Hong Kong) The largest themed land of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort’s expansion plan, the world-exclusive Grizzly Gulch, will officially open on July 14, 2012, bringing Guests an unexpected runaway adventure and seven must-visit Wild West experiences.
Along with the innovative multidirectional terrain-style coaster, Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars, Guests should also explore the entire themed land. They will have a blast with the water play of Geyser Gulch, be welcomed by song and dance at the Grizzly Gulch Welcome Wagon Show, find great photo opportunities at TheOld Jail, Assay Office and Lucky Nugget, enjoy hearty fare at the Lucky Nugget Saloon, discover delightful merchandise at Bear Necessities and be able to take photos with our Disney friends in their new Wild West outfits.
 “The Resort greatly values the market of young adults,” said Wendy Chu, Director, Marketing, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. “As such, we’ve made an effort to specifically target this demographic with creative interactive campaigns city-wide, both online and offline.
“The Resort has developed a limited-edition Grizzly Gulch Runaway Adventure board game, which has been praised by popular radio DJs who’ve played it. We’ve partnered with MegaBox to bring a giant version to the mall, providing photo opportunities and an immersive experience for participants. Also, to introduce the new themed land, we launched three funny videos featuring travel guru Tony Hung and internet celebrity Ming Jai, with an online game and prizes, to a fantastic response – we’re seeing the videos being shared widely. Additionally, we’ll be introducing 3D Illustration photo spots at an MTR station, where Guests can also scan QR codes to watch videos on their smartphones to learn more about the major experiences of Grizzly Gulch.”

Innovative and diverse marketing program extended overseas
“The Resort has taken a multidirectional approach to promote Grizzly Gulch to over 5,000 trade representatives in 20 cities worldwide,” said Larry Leung, Director, Travel Trade Sales, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. “For the first time ever, we’re hosting online seminars to share information on Grizzly Gulch with our trade partners. These webinars are expected to reach a wider travel trade audience, including travel agency front-line staff, enabling them to access the latest product information and experience this unique themed land at the convenience of their fingertips.”
These webinars complement various trade launch events hosted in major cities, including Wuhan, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Taiwan and Indonesia, at which travel trade partners were offered a sneak preview of Grizzly Gulch and encouraged to develop a diverse range of themed travel packages featuring this exciting new themed land.
“One example is our partnership with to invite 500 Mainland Chinese Guests to be among the first to experience this unparalleled runaway adventure before its premiere,” said Leung.
Various Guests to preview the seven major experiences of Grizzly Gulch
With Cast Members all ready for Grizzly Gulch’s debut, the Resort will be hosting preview days to offer a first look to members of the local and international media, travel industry representatives, artists, celebrities, Magic Access Members, strategic partners, members of community groups, Cast Members and their families and others. These preview days will help spread positive word-of-mouth for the unique Wild West experience of Grizzly Gulch.
Guests should be sure not to miss the unique Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars, featuring mine cars that will each take 24 Guests at a time on an unexpected runaway adventure. This multidirectional terrain-style coaster has three main highlights: the first is that the mine cars race both forward and backward, suddenly launching forward, making sharp turns and racing backwards for approximately one third of the entire journey; the second is that the mine cars traverse the entire themed land, through the mine shafts of Big Grizzly Mountain and around the township, including Geyser Gulch; the third is that the mine car tracks crisscross all across Grizzly Gulch’s landscape.
Guests should also visit the six other must-see experiences: Geyser Gulch, where Guests of all ages are sure to have a blast with the geysers and sudden eruptions of the colorful Lucky Springs Geyser; Grizzly Gulch Welcome Wagon Show, which will charm Guests with street performances featuring singing and dancing; Disney friends dressed in their new outfits as well as Disney’s grizzly bears Koda and Kenai; a myriad of photo opportunities including The Old Jail and the Assay Officewith the Lucky Nugget, which will bring fortune to visitors who rub its shiny gold exterior; Bear Necessities, full of Grizzly Gulch-themed gifts; and the Lucky Nugget Saloon, where unique, hearty fare awaits hungry Guests.
Come on up to Big Grizzly Mountain on July 14, 2012!

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