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Welcome to the Dork Side!

It’s 2012, and since the world hasn’t ended (yet) it is time once again to head to San Diego Comic-Con armed with the all-new and improved Click Communications Comic-Con Survival Guide!  You can download your copy here:

This guide began as a way to offer some helpful tips—and a little entertainment—to anyone working the Con who might not count down the days ‘til July the way we do.  Now in its fifth year, our simple How-To manual has grown into something that “n00bs” and nerds alike can appreciate. This year, the guide also features original artwork from some talented, up & coming comic book artists: Tess Fowler, Tony Fleecs, and Scott Arnold.

And now: The Click Communications Comic Con Survival Kit Contest! 

Enter to win a Survival Kit of your very own by visiting our blog, or join us in playing Comic-Con Bingo.  Grab the Bingo card from the back of the Guide and share your pics online via Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest to line up your finds to win fabulous prizes while in San Diego.  For more information, and to enter to win, visit: and


Click’s Comic-Con Survival Guide is just a little something we put together for your information and our amusement. There’s zero guarantee that the information we found online is 100% reliable.  After all, release dates change, actors need rewrites, directors run out of budget, writers go…insane. Things happen. Since we all know that, no one should take any of the information contained within as locked-in gospel or anything. Okay?  Okay.

About Click:

Click Communications was formed in May of 2007 in response to an increased demand for comprehensive online publicity. Today, they offer a full suite of online services, from online publicity & marketing campaigns, to digital assetmanagement, to social networking. They have delivered over 800 successful campaigns for entertainment clients and specialize in family products and geek outreach.

In addition to boasting over 20 years of combined experience in entertainment publicity and marketing, the Click team is known for being deeply passionate about the movies, TV shows, and games they promote. Every year, the whole team contributes to Click’s San Diego Comic-Con Survival Guide. As far as they know, they’re the only agency in town that creates anything like it.

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