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The Muppets The Wocka Wocka Value Pack
Earlier this year as everyone eagerly awaited the release of The Muppets the question on everyone’s mind was, “can this movie return the Muppets to their former glory?” It is no secret that in recent years, their productions haven’t been quite up to par with their much earlier movies like The Muppet Movie, Muppets Take Manhattan, and The Great Muppet Caper. It quickly became apparent that The Muppets was a return to the glory days of this franchise. The past few months have brought a new question to fans, will the home theater release be as exciting as the big screen release was? Would the Blu-Ray presentation be worth getting? The Muppets The Wocka Wocka Value Pack will be available for everyone to take home on March 20, 2012 and here is what I thought.

Picture and Sound:

There is always the risk of a home version of a movie not living up to the magic of seeing it in the theaters. It obviously is much of the same on a smaller scale. However, The Muppets will not disappoint. Yes, it is on a smaller screen but they look great! The video was pristine and the audio followed right along and matched that quality level. I did see The Muppets several times in the theaters and I can definitely say that watching it on my HD system looked and sounded better than at least one theater I saw it at.

The home presentation on the Blu-Ray is presented in 1080p high definition with 1.78:1 aspect ratio. The sound was 7.1 DTS-HD master audio. It is a quality presentation.

Bonus Features:

If there was one part of The Muppets The Wocka Wocka Value Pack that I was concerned about, it was the bonus features. I will admit that quite often I’m pleased with two thirds of the bonus features on a film and the rest leaves me unimpressed. This was not the case this time. I was happy throughout the entire review process. Everything that was included was fun. Even more importantly, I didn’t feel like I was wasting time with anything that I watched! The bonus features included with The Wocka Wocka Value Pack are:

  • Scratching the Surface: A Hasty Examination of The Making of The Muppets
  • Deleted Scenes
  • A Little Screen Test On The Way To The Read-Through
  • Explaining Evil: The Full Tex Richman Song
  • Unreleased Theatrical Spoof Trailers
  • Audio Commentary with Jason Segal, James Bobin, and Nicholas Stoller
  • Disney Intermission
  • The Longest Blooper Reel Ever Made (In Muppet History**) **We Think
  • Digital Full-Length Original Soundtrack
  • Digital Copy of Feature Film

I could go into each of these bonus features quite easily and tell you what i liked about each one. However, in this case I DID enjoy every bonus feature and would encourage readers to watch every single one!


The Muppets The Wocka Wocka Value Pack is a wonderful package for the return of the Muppets to theatrical films. The movie itself is a joy to watch. It is a great movie for the whole family to watch and enjoy. It looks and sounds wonderful on the home theater system. The bonus features that accompany the movie are completely enjoyable as well. Don’t forget to push pause! This was one of my favorite things on the Blu-Ray! I am so happy to report that The Muppets are coming home and deserve every success they have received with this film! A hearty hat tip to this film and this Blu-Ray! Go out and get it!

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