Remembering Walt Disney 45 Years Later

DAPs Magic Disney News – by Mr. DAPs 

Mickey Mouse and the World Mourns the Death of Walt Disney

On this date in 1966 the world lost on of the great icons when it lost Walt Disney to lung cancer. Walt Disney was an animator, an entrepreneur, a businessman, a producer, a director, a voice actor, a philanthropist, a dreamer, a doer, a great man, and perhaps most importantly a husband and father. His death stunned the world as everyone mourned the loss of “uncle Walt.”

Forty-five years later, his contributions to the entertainment industry and mankind are not lost. His namesake company is now the largest entertainment company in the world. The medium he original built his company and dreams upon has now expanded to hundreds of animation studios, many of which produce full length animated features just as he did with the first animated feature Snow White. His dreams and vision of what a theme park could be have revolutionized the industry.

In August, D23 unveiled a new series on youtube entitled Disney D23′s Armchair Archivists. For their first episode, they went through and looked at the very last publicly released film with Walt Disney in it. It seems only fitting today that we should take a few minutes and look at this video that was shown for the release of Follow Me Boys. Get your kleenex and now it is time for An Evening With Walt Disney.

So today we pause and take a few minutes to the great man that made so many of our dreams come true every time we enter one of the worlds he created. Thank you Walt Disney.