Welcome Back Muppets! – A Review of The Muppets by Mr. DAPs

DAPs Magic Disney News – by Mr. DAPs 

Could they do it again? The question has been in the forefront of the minds Muppet fans ever since it was first announced that there would be a new Muppet movie. To put it simply, yes. The Muppets are back and in a movie that all Muppet fans can definitely be proud of.

Gary (Jason Segal) and Walter (Walter)  are two incredibly close brothers who share everything. They even dress the same for musical numbers. Walter absolutely loves The Muppets.   When Gary takes girlfriend Mary (Amy Adams) on a trip to Los Angeles for their tenth anniversary,  he also brings Walter. While in Los Angeles they discover that Muppets Studios is no longer the shining light it once was. In fact, it is at risk of being torn down if The Muppets don’t get back together and try to save it by raising $10 million. Walter, Gary, and Mary embark on a journey to get the old gang back to save the theater. But is it too late? Do people still love The Muppets? Do The Muppets still have what it takes to save their beloved theater?

The Muppets is an absolutely enchanting movie that captures the essence of what some of the great Muppet movies have. This is a movie with humor, heart, and MUSIC! Oh, and I should also mention they drive. We could probably stop right there but I won’t.

The movie is hilarious. The theater was filled with laughter frequently throughout the entire movie. This wasn’t just a polite chuckle but instead full belly laughs. The writers did an excellent job of throwing in gags that were relevant to the movie and moved things along while also making people laugh. The same could be said of the plethora of cameos (which were AWESOME!).

This is also a movie with heart. It captured many of the themes found in the old school Muppet movies. Kermit even had his motivational big speech moment where he builds everyone up. This all works because of the relationships that are interwoven and explored in The Muppets. It was amazing to see the joy, pain, and conflict that occurred between the characters in this movie.  Also, keep your eyes open throughout the movie for the pictures in the backgrounds. One, in particular, almost choked me up.

Music was central to The Muppets. The original music, by Bret McKenzie was toe tapping and memorable. At one point during the opening number I looked around and saw heads bobbing and swaying to the music. As the movie continued the musical numbers fitted seamlessly into the plot. It was wonderful to see that The Muppets could return with music so heart breaking one moment and seconds later be absolutely hilarious.

The Muppets  was an absolute pleasure to watch. Several people that accompanied me to the movie are prone to falling asleep at midnight shows. I am happy to report that this wasn’t even CLOSE to an issue. Everyone walked out with a smile on their face. Everyone was talking and chuckling about something. The Muppets definitely gave the world the 3rd greatest gift! It can be added to the ranks of the Muppet classics like The Muppet Movie, The Great Muppet Caper, and Muppets Take Manhattan. I give a hearty hat tip to Kermit and the gang. One can only hope that more movies like this are made!