Vince Papale's improbable story of entering the National Football League after not playing football in college is chronicled in the Disney movie "Invincible."

The film was released in the fall of 2006 and the DVD went on sale just before Christmas.

Papale has been the featured speaker for the past two MVP Awards Banquet, sponsored by Sallie Mae Financial.

"It's been a great year for me and my family," said Papale of the Disney movie. "Who would have believed Disney would want to make a movie about me?"

Actor Mark Wahlberg plays Papale in the movie and Papale was pleased with the way Wahlberg played him.

Papale himself has a minor role in the movie and can be seen in a couple of scenes as an Eagles' coach.

In addition to the full-length movie, the DVD contains actual footage of Papale in action when he was captain of the Eagles' special teams unit.

Lisa Stanley of CBS Radio called the movie: "the most inspirational movie of the year."

Papale went from tending bar in Philadelphia to one of the most beloved figures on the Eagles team.

His work with Sallie Mae and his appearances at the annual Awards Banquet have also made him popular with local football players and coaches.

If you like real life, inspirational movies, then this DVD is for you. You can see for yourself just how Papale became the oldest non-kicker rookie in NFL history.