Disney Magic of Your Own

Have you ever wanted to own your own piece of the Magic that is Disneyland? Why not drop a few pennies on www.disneyauctions.com?

From prints that once hung in the Disneyland Hotel to actual ride vehicles, there are treasures there that will suit any Disney fan. As I look through the auction,I am flooded by wonderful memories of soaring high above the park riding on the skyway. I remember always being afraid that I wouldnt make it into the car, and somehow, I would fall then off the end of the platform.

Or maybe you prefered a different type of ride. Space Mountain vehicles are for sale too! These also brought back many fond memories! Perhaps the best being the time where they stuck a 6’9″ guy in the front seat and he couldnt get the bar down. This caused a bit of problem and we ended up going left instead of right… we were pushed backstage and then we were stuck again! This time they couldnt get the rest of our lap bars to release… good times!

As I cruised the site, I started thinking. What would I do if I had an extra $100,000 to spend? Well let’s see. I would probably add a room to my house, and it would be my Disney room. My bedroom already has pictures of Disneyland all over it, but there isn’t room for other things. I would buy one of the Space Mountain vehicles, or maybe two, a Gondola from the Skyway, and as many of the warning signs and entrance signs from the attractions as possible. What I really want is the Devil they are selling from Mr. Toad… Why not, while I am at it, grab the Mr. Toad car, and the people mover car, just for conversation pieces. How awesome would that be. I would also get some of the crates that came out of Space Mountain before the remodel. Then the decorating would begin.

In my lovely new room, I would construct my own Skyway. Ok, maybe not as great as the one at the park, but I could swing the gondola from one side of the room to the other, now that would be cool! I would also construct a mini Space Mountain, well kinda… with a whole one drop! It would go in a circle around the room, and move approximately one mile an hour. It would still be awesome. The rest of the stuff would be for pure decorative purposes, but ahhh… how nice it would be to be rich!
Source: DAPs for Disney Magic Review – Anne-Marie Pringle

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