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Where Were Ant-Man and the Wasp?

Many fans over the weekend have come up with the question: Where were Ant-Man and the Wasp? This dynamic duo was noticeably absent from Marvel Studios' hit movie Avengers: Infinity War. Well, seeing as they are so tiny maybe they just weren't noticed. [...]

Toy Story Land Unveiled at Shanghai Disneyland

Shanghai Disneyland has officially unveiled its Disney-Pixar Toy Story Land. On Thursday, April 26, the expansion to Shanghai Disneyland opened to the public. This is the first expansion to come to the newest Disney theme park. It is the seventh [...]

Avengers Soar! – DISNEY REPORTER

Welcome to another edition of DISNEY REPORTER! This week there is a LOT going on in the world of Marvel, Disney, and Star Wars! The biggest story is Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War. DAPS MAGIC has a lot of coverage [...]

What Could an Avengers: Infinity War Sequel Look Like?

Avengers: Infinity War is in theaters now!  Perhaps you’ve seen it, perhaps not.  If you have seen it, read on.  If you haven’t, please do not read further.  It’s going to ruin things for you and that won’t be fun. [...]

Avengers: Infinity War Easter Eggs & Comic References

Avengers: Infinity War is here!  And if you haven't seen it, do not read any further.  This is a warning because things will be spoiled.  So spoiled.  Go see the movie and then read this.  Please. Ok, for those that [...]

Dumbo Reopens at Disneyland Resort with New Queue!

Dumbo the Flying Elephant is an iconic attraction at the Disneyland Resort that is a favorite for kids and the kids at heart. It has been closed this spring though for an update to its queue. Today, it reopened. The [...]

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