Currently, there are two podcasts that are a part of the Daps Podcast Network. The first is the long-running GEEKS CORNER, which began in October 2010. Every episode has the Geeks discussing what is going on in the world of Disney And Positive Stuff. Along with watching it live each week, GEEKS CORNER is also available to be enjoyed in podcast form where most podcasts can be found.

The second is Influencing Magic. Influencing Magic exists to inspire listeners to make the magic for themselves as they hear how others have succeeded in becoming influential in their fields. On Influencing Magic, listeners will hear from Mr. Daps and Annie as they interview and share various experiences of the ever-growing influencing market, drawing from DapsMagic’s 20-year history within the Disney Community. Come along as they dive into the nitty gritty and share what it takes to be a (successful) Disney Influencer, both professionally and personally, while seeking to influence kindness along the way. 

Both of these podcasts can be found below, on YouTube, or wherever you listen/watch your favorite podcast!



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