Disney Recipes: Sven’s Carrot Delight

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Watch Frozen - Live at the Hyperion and if he wasn't before, Sven will become a quick favorite. This incredible character is easily one of my favorites in this new musical production. Anyone who has [...]

On This Memorial Day

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On this Memorial Day we pause and remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we could have  life, liberty, and be able to pursue happiness.  The United States of America is a great [...]

Captain America is Hydra – What Does This Mean For the Movies?

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Today, Marvel Comics debuted a new Captain America series returning Steve Rogers to the mantle. Wait, hasn't Steve always been Cap?  Not recently.  The Super Soldier serum was taken out of him and aged to [...]

The Road To Shanghai Disneyland – Getting Tickets To Opening Day

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Previously on the Road to Shanghai Disneyland, I scheduled my dates and booked my flight.  I got my hotels and passport visas.  What’s next?  It’s actually getting the tickets to Shanghai Disneyland.  Here’s the continuing [...]