Cookies, Cakes and Kylo Ren – Geeks Corner – Episode 511

By | 2017-11-27T20:39:09+00:00 December 15th, 2015|Categories: DAPs Magic News, desserts, Geek Eats, Geek News, Geeks Corner, Recipes|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , | Cookies, Cakes and Kylo Ren - Geeks Corner - Episode 511 Welcome to Geeks Corner! This week it is all about Star Wars, Christmas, and baked goods! As we celebrate the world [...]

Disneyland Resort’s Pizza Port Offers Up a Taste of Endor

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Light-speed to Pizza Port! Now that Season of the Force is upon us here at the Disneyland Resort, there is plenty more to explore than just characters and attractions. With this new special event also comes [...]

“Disney’ing” when you can’t get to Disney

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Feeling the need to get yourself to a Disney Park, but it's just not working out?  Have the withdrawals from your last trip started kicking in? Many of us can't always get to our favorite [...]

Why You Shouldn’t Obsess Over the Bounty Hunter: A Hard Look at a Fandom

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My dear, dear geeks…. It’s time. It’s time to talk about the worst character in the Star Wars films. Nope. Not Jar-Jar. Not Greedo. Not even that red R2 unit with a bad motivator (poor [...]

Artist Spotlight: Ashleymarie Lively aka Sey Studios

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Hey guys! I'm so happy to be bringing this artist into the Spotlight series.  Ashleymarie is not only extremely talented and creative, she and I went through the same Art Program at California State Long [...]

Disney California Adventure’s ¡Viva Navidad! Returns With Flavorful Menu

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Disney California Adventure Park is ready for the holidays. From twinkling lights to themed decorations, the park has it all covered. Returning for another year is that of ¡Viva Navidad!  Located in Paradise Pier, ¡Viva Navidad! celebrates this special [...]

A Peek at Upcoming Avengers Half Marathon Weekend Merchandise

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In keeping with tradition, runDisney's Avengers Half Marathon Weekend is set to return November 12–15 at the Disneyland Resort. Runners from all over will take part in a variety of races and even enjoy the [...]

Disney California Adventure’s Corn Dog Castle Offers a Deliciously Cheesy Meal

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Every now and then I run into a food item at the Disneyland Resort that’s not your typical meal. Whether it is seasonal item or a guilty pleasure, the resort offers a wide range of [...]

Disneyland Park’s Royal Street Veranda Serves Up Seasoned Vegetarian Gumbo

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The cooler weather is finally arriving in Southern California. Hurray for the change in temperature and hurray for food that makes you all warm. To celebrate the cooler weather or any day for that matter, [...]