Superhero Beanie {DIY}

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Superhero masks are great for hiding secret identities, but not super easy for a baby to wear. It is hard to get into character when your baby keeps pulling that mask off their face. Here is an easy way for your baby to wear the mask while also keeping their heads warm (and bonus it is REALLY cute!)

What you will need:

  • ⅓ of a yard of knit material for beanie
  • 8 inches of color fabric for mask
  • Fabric Glue
  • Thread matching knit material
  • (Optional) Another beanie to measure with
  • Provided Beanie Pattern
  • Mask Pattern (Google one you like or create your own)

First, create the beanie. Fold your fabric in half to create your fold. You can either use the pattern provided or you can use an beanie you already have to create your shape. If you are using a beanie you already have trace around the shape and ad ½ inch for sewing room. You will need to flip it over to both sides and add about 1 inch between the two traced pieces.

Cut. It should look like this:

 superhero beanie

Pin together. Starting at the end of the fold, sew around the open part leaving an inch before reaching the next fold. Flip the beanie right side out putting the seam on the inside. Sew the small hole.

 superhero beanie

Pinch one side of the fabric separating the two sides. Push/tuck the side with the exposed seam inside the beanie until it touches the other end.

 superhero beanie

Using your mask pattern, cut out the mask.

 superhero beanie

Line up where you want the mask to go on the beanie and glue it on. Let it dry.

superhero beanie

Wear and enjoy your little superhero!

superhero beanie

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