Marvel's House of M Returns!

House_of_M_2015Another in a series of cryptic summer event images comes out today.  Marvel Comics will have an issue of House of M, a landmark series that has already occurred.  House of M was an alternate reality formed from Scarlet Witch’s use of powers during temporary insanity.  She recreated the Marvel universe where mutants where in charge of the world.  When a “failsafe” was enacted, the world returned to normal…somewhat.  Only 198 mutants remained powered in the world, and made the species an endangered one.  The problem set off many events that eventually led to Avengers Vs. X-Men and the death of Professor Xavier.

Why there is this issue coming out in the summer, and many other reoccurrences of previous events, like Civil War, is still a mystery.  With this many coming out, my speculation is that something is happening to the Marvel Universe that either secrets or alternate realities are breaking loose.  Some teasers with Avengers have been in recent issues where there’s a saga of the world has 8 more months.  That will give the right timing for the summer to begin with many of these comics coming out.

HOUSE OF M #1 – Summer 2015

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