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Lindsay Lohan Talks Returning to Disney Studios for ‘Freaky Friday 2’

Lindsay Lohan is back at the Walt Disney Studios lot. This comes after a bit of a hiatus. It also is a welcome return for the actress that basically grew up making films on this historic lot. During this time she filmed Freaky Friday (2003), The Parent Trap (1998), Life-Size (2000) and Get a Clue (2002). Lohan shared with ABC’s Nightline that the experience has her feeling like a kid again.

“I think really for me was when I went onto the Disney lot,” Lohan said during the interview on Nightline. “And being back on the Disney lot because that’s not just ‘Freaky Friday’ for me. That’s ‘The Parent Trap,’ that’s ‘Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen,’ that’s ‘Herbie.’ It’s so many moments for me. So when I got there, I kind of felt like this essence of a little kid again.”

“I’m so grateful for every moment of it. Every second,” she continued. “I’m going to, like, get emotional. It’s a great experience.”

Freaky Friday 2

Lohan is back on the Disney lot with Jamie Lee Curtis to reprise the roles of Anna and Tess Coleman in the upcoming Freaky Friday 2. This is a sequel to the 2003 body-swapping comedy that originally brought in $160 million in theaters globally.

“Jamie [Lee Curtis] and I have stayed in touch over the years,” Lohan said. “You know how they say when you have a best friend or someone you’re really close with? You can not see them for years and years, but when you see them again, it’s like you never separated.”

Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis aren’t the only two who are returning for this sequel from the original. Mark Harmon, Chad Michael Murray, Christina Vidal Mitchell, Haley Hudson, Lucille Soong, Stephen Tobolowsky and Rosalind Chao are all returning for the second film. They are being joined by Julia Butters, Manny Jacinto, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan and Sophia Hammons.

An exact release date has not been announced by Disney other than it will be in 2025. It also has been confirmed that this release will be a theatrical one.

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