ESPN’s Digital Center 2

ESPN’s Digital Center 2: A Decade Powering Content, Creativity, and Innovation

A decade ago, early in the evolution of sports fan’s media habits, ESPN opened Digital Center 2 — a one-of-a-kind production, distribution, and technology facility at the heart of its Bristol campus.

The inventiveness and investment put into the 194,000 square foot facility is an illustration that Disney and ESPN understood the changing media future. The cutting-edge DC2 is far more than a building with studios: from launch it was an IP-based content engine, designed and built to enable storytelling and event production, for every screen and platform, while unlocking new storytelling innovations.

Ten years later, DC2 remains one of the most advanced facilities in the world — living up to the original vision for flexibility and scalability that ensures nimble and efficient progression at the pace of technological change — and makes it as close to “future proof” as possible.

In the video below, SportCenter’s Shae Peppler, along with employees from ESPN & Disney production, operations and technology teams, talk about DC2.