New Mickey Mouse Collection Coming to H&M

Disney’s Mickey Mouse x Keith Haring Collection Coming to H&M

A new Mickey Mouse collection is coming to H&M with the designs of Keith Haring. The Disney’s Mickey Mouse x Keith Haring collection will include a baseball jacket, t-shirts, denim jackets and dungaree dresses. The collection is made for kids up to 14 years of age and will be available both in stores and also on starting on July 4th.

“Keith Haring’s interpretation of Disney’s Mickey Mouse is quite playful and we wanted to reflect that in the vibrant prints. It is a modern homage to both the artist and the animated character, as well as fashion and art, and I am really proud of what we have created combining these two icons” says Sofia Löfstedt, Head of Kidswear Design and Creative at H&M. 

Liz Shortreed, Category Vice President, Disney Consumer Products shares, “Our latest collection with H&M is fun and lively, inviting younger generations to connect with some of Disney’s most beloved characters in stylish new ways. Like Keith Haring and H&M, we celebrate creativity and artistic expression, working close with global fashion partners to reimagine our stories for new audiences.” 

Keith Haring has a passion for Mickey Mouse that dates back to childhood. At the time, he was encouraged by his father, who was an amateur cartoonist himself, to draw. He dreamed of being a cartoonist someday like his idol Walt Disney. In 1978 Haring moved to New York and soon became a part of the art scene. His drawings of Mickey Mouse began to appear on subway walls, streets, and clubs.

“Keith loved connecting with younger generations through his work and regarded Walt Disney as one of his creative inspirations. He celebrated Disney’s Mickey Mouse as a cultural icon and his interpretations have long been relegated to the art world. H&M has beautifully reimagined Haring’s work and melded the two legends, offering a kidswear collection that helps spark inspiration and creativity,” said David Stark, Founder and CEO of Artestar, the global brand licensing and consulting agency representing the Keith Haring Studio. 

This new collection of Mickey Mouse merchandise can be seen here:

Disney’s Mickey Mouse x Keith Haring collection arrives in H&M stores and also on July 4th. What do you think of this collection? What is your favorite piece in it? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!