Disney CEO Bob Iger Celebrates 50th Anniversary at Disney

Disney CEO Bob Iger has received a service award from The Walt Disney Company honoring 50 years of service. The service award is a statue with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on it. It has an inscription on it that says, “Recognizing 50 magical years with the Walt Disney Company.” 

Technically, Bob Iger has only been with The Walt Disney Company since 1995. This is when Disney purchased Capital Cities/ABC, Inc. However, Bob Iger started his career with ABC in 1974 on July 1st as a production assistant.

Bob Iger shared a photo of his service award on Monday on Instagram. He shared about the importance of storytelling in regards to success. The post can be seen here:

Bob Iger 50th Anniversary Service Award
Bob Iger 50th Anniversary Service Award

“I started my career at ABC 50 years ago today and the business has certainly changed a lot since then! But at the end of the day, success still hinges on one thing: great storytelling. I’m proud to work alongside so many talented colleagues who create exceptional stories and experiences for the world to enjoy… truly the ride of a lifetime!”

Bob Iger joined Disney in 1995 when ABC was purchased by the company. A year later, Iger was named chairman of the Disney-owned ABC Group. This was followed by a promotion to president of Walt Disney International in 1999. The following year he was again promoted. This time he became the president and COO of The Walt Disney Company. He would hold this role from 2000 to 2005 before becoming CEO.

During his time as CEO from 2005 to 2020, Iger oversaw the expansion of The Walt Disney Company. This included the opening of Shanghai Disney Resort and the acquisitions of Pixar Animation Studios, Lucasfilm, and Marvel. After retiring as CEO in 2020, he continued on for another year as executive chairman and chairman of the board. He finally retired in December of 2021. However, that retirement would be short lived and within a year he returned to lead the company as CEO once again. Currently, his contract has him staying at Disney into 2026.

There are other service awards that Disney cast members are given at different milestones in their career as well. This includes a Sorcerer Apprentice Mickey Mouse (10 years), Simba (20 years), Tinker Bell (25 years), Jiminy Cricket (30 years) and Pinocchio (35 years).