Trash Can Trio

Trash Can Trio Surprises With Performances at Disneyland Resort on Father’s Day

The Trash Can Trio used to be a regular fixture at the Disneyland Resort. Quite often in Disneyland, one could come across three custodians who had turned their trash cans into drums and other tools in the percussion pieces. They would randomly show up in Tomorrowland or along the parade route and give an “impromptu” performance before heading “back to work!” In recent years, the trio has not been seen regularly at the Disneyland Resort. Instead, Operation: Playtime! – featuring the Green Army Patrol has taken the role of roaming drummers at the Disneyland Resort. This instead has drummers that are Green Army Men from Toy Story performing in Disney California Adventure.

On Sunday, June 16, 2024, the Trash Can Trio was found performing in Disney California Adventure. The trio of custodians performed at the south end of the parade route. As has been the case with this show for years, the group started out by strolling out and cleaning up an area. Then, they come together for a few minutes of jamming together. The show is quite quick but quite entertaining. Below is their final performance before the Better Together parade on Father’s Day.

The Trash Can Trio was the brainchild of legendary percussionist Tom Float, who also performed in the group for many years. Throughout his career, he worked with The Blue Devils, taught, performed, and appeared on television shows and commercials. Throughout his career, he worked with thousands of high school programs world-wide. He also led many college drumlines including Long Beach State, Cal State Northridge, East LA College, UNLV and the University of North Texas PASIC line. Sadly, Tom Float passed away in 2022. However, his legacy continues on through the countless students he mentored through the years and also the Trash Can Trio. This legacy also can be found continuing on at Walt Disney World Resort with its version of the percussion ensemble called the JAMMitors. They can be seen here in a performance that was dedicated to Float:

The Trash Can Trio does not appear on the Disneyland website or Disneyland App. When they show up is a happy surprise. If you happen to see them, definitely stop and see them. You never know when they will appear again!

What do you think of the Trash Can Trio? Have you seen them in person before? Where did you see them at? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!