The Reluctant Traveler With Eugene Levy

‘The Reluctant Traveler With Eugene Levy’ To Get a Third Season

Apple TV+ has approved a third season for The Reluctant Traveler With Eugene Levy. The award-winning travel series, hosted and executive produced by Emmy Award winner Eugene Levy will follow him around on a global adventure as he attempts to curate his own “ultimate travel list.” The theory is that if he is going to become anything of a real travel, he’ll need to tick off some of the world’s must-do experience. There is one small probably… Eugene Levy has no clue where to start to get there.

“I really appreciate what this show is trying to do for me,” said host and executive producer Eugene Levy. But to be a real seasoned traveler, you need to have a strong sense of adventure and curiosity, and I’m ashamed to say over the past two seasons I’ve developed neither. But I have to admit I’m having a lot of fun putting in the effort. So the beat goes on, apparently.”

The Reluctant Traveler With Eugene Levy has received great acclaim from critics around the world since it debuted. It has been hailed as dazzling, delightful … and gorgeously filmed,” and “perhaps the perfect blend of travel documentary and pure comedy,” the series features host Levy who is “an absolute delight to watch” and “endlessly entertaining.” The series also was honored with wins for Best Travel/Adventure Show and Best Unstructured Series at the Critics Choice Real TV Awards. Both the first and second season of the series is now streaming globally on Apple TV+.

The first two seasons had Eugene Levy conquering some of his greatest fears. Leavy admits now that his travels have changed him for the better. For this next adventure, his horizons might broaden more than any other. This new season promises to be an all-new eye-opening trip!