Inside Out 2

Inside Out 2 Director Kelsey Mann Discusses Navigating Emotion and Expanding Riley’s World

Inside Out 2 is directed by Kelsey Mann, a first-time Pixar feature film director. This film is a sequel to Inside Out, which was directed by current Pixar Chief Creative Officer Pete Docter. The film has Riley a little bit older and entering a bigger world and having new emotions. This is the story that Mann was tasked with telling and the conditions in which he would be doing it. This is no easy task for anyone, much less a first-time movie director.

Inside Out 2 director Kelsey Mann

Mann recently shared about the process of making this film, and why he made it. Ultimately, it came from a line at the end of the first movie. “I really wanted to direct Inside Out 2 because I felt like there was more story to tell,” Mann said. “At the end of the first film, Joy asked the audience a question. She says, ‘after all Riley is 12 now, what could happen?’ Well, I wanted to answer that question.”

Mann continued and said his hope for this film is to “tell a story that made some teenagers lives that much easier.” This is done with the introduction of new emotions like Anxiety to Riley’s mind as she is now a teenager.

“It’s all about navigating those different emotions,” Mann noted. “A lot of it is me trying to connect to myself as a teenager and all the changes that I went through at that time that helped me get through all the changes I’m going to go through as a director.”

Mann also shared how he was able to “follow in the footsteps of the great Pete Docter,” who helped Mann “immensely.” Docter taught Mann about “the rules of the world of Inside Out that he and his team helped create,” and about leadership.

“Pete taught me so much about really relying on your crew, giving them the direction that they need, trusting them to make the best decisions, and just get out of their way and watch the magic happen,” Mann said.

One interesting thing Mann shared about was one of his first directorial duties. This was all about expanding Inside Out 2. Yes, there were new emotions for Riley but Mann also decided that the film itself should feel bigger. “Riley is a teenager, and her world is expanding. She’s adding new emotions at the console. I thought, why not expand the aspect ratio?” Mann explained. “So, we did that for this film because it’s something that Riley’s going through and also because I love going to the theaters and seeing a big wide aspect ratio up on the screen.”

Mann ended his thoughts by saying how excited he is for fans to see this new and expanded world that Riley is now living in on the big screen. “I love going to the movies. In fact, I would say one of my first core memories is going to the movies,” he said. “I was sitting in the front row with my dad watching Star Wars when I was five years old, and that really cemented my love of cinema and going to the theaters.”

Inside Out 2 arrives in theaters on June 14, 2024. Are you excited about this movie? What are you most looking forward to in it? When will you be seeing it? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!