The Disneyland Band is a professional marching band with stellar musical talent that plays at Disneyland on a daily basis. The band, or variations of it, has been in existence since the opening of Disneyland in 1955. Through the years, it has performed concerts, parades, on the Mark Twain, at Disneyland’s Main Gate, and many other places. For those who don’t regularly visit Disneyland, or perhaps don’t follow the band, it can be a bit daunting trying to figure out where exactly to watch the band. However, on a daily basis, there are some places where it is very easy to find the Disneyland Band. Below are tips on where to find the Disneyland Band and when. We’ll also share where the best place to stand is!

10:30 AM – “it’s a small world” Promenade

This is a fairly easy set to watch. Head up to it’s a small world area and wait for the Disneyland Band to come out along the parade route. For this set, it’s ok to show up right around 10:30 AM and then watch the band! There really isn’t anyone waiting and for most in the area, its a fun surprise that offers a magical moment!

11:20 AM – Main Street, USA

The Main Street, USA sets are often easy to catch. Just show up at the time they are supposed to place and enjoy the show with the train station in the background. Generally, this isn’t a packed set and doesn’t require a lot of waiting. This set also happens before the day has gotten hot.

12:15 PM – Sleeping Beauty Castle & Main Street, USA

For this set, there are two places (well really more) to watch the band perform. Things begin at Sleeping Beauty Castle at 12:15 PM. The Disneyland Band marches out to perform. They are soon joined by Mickey Mouse and other Disney friends. This is followed by a march along Main Street, USA. On most days, they are joined by the Dapper Dans while marching down Main Street, USA. There is then a moment that happens with a song in front of Main Street Station before the band and Disney characters head backstage.

If you want to watch in front of the castle or in Town Square, be sure to show up a few minutes before the set begins. Cast Members will be in front of the castle to show where to watch from. In Town Square, showing up around 12:15 is perfect for getting a place to sit or stand on the curb. It IS possible to watch the band from the castle and follow them down Main Street, USA. However, when doing this, getting a front row for the stop in Town Square is pretty difficult.

1:00 PM – Frontierland

The 1:00 PM Frontierland set is an easy set to catch as well. This set is right in front of the Golden Horseshoe. It also is themed to music that could connect with Frontierland. During the set songs from The Princess and the Frog, Indiana Jones, Toy Story, and even Zorro can be heard! This is a fun set and doesn’t require showing up early. Show up right around or before 1:00 PM and it will be easy to get a front-row space. During the music from The Princess and the Frog, Princess Tiana often shows up to dance along!

2:00 PM – Sleeping Beauty Castle

The 2:00 PM Sleeping Beauty Castle set is quite often a warm set during the summer but a fun one. Frequently the music of Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and Pirates of the Caribbean can be heard during this set. Be Our Guest is often played as well, sometimes with Belle joining the band to dance along to the song. Show up right around or before 2:00 PM to get a good spot around the outside of the compass in front of the castle. Stay clear of the middle when the band enters and exits, however, as they do march through that spot.

2: 50 PM – Main Street, USA & Town Square

The 2:50 PM set begins with the band marching onto Main Street, USA from behind Plaza Point – Holiday and Ornaments Store. They then perform their way down Main Street, USA, and then stop eventually in front of Main Street Station where they perform for a few minutes. This set happens before the parade of the day so it does take a bit more planning if you want to see parts of this set/performance. It generally does not require waiting too long to see the band in Town Square as it is in full sun. However, plan on getting there early.

4:15 PM – Town Square, USA for Patriotic Flag Retreat

The Disneyland Band participates during the Patriotic Flag Ceremony each day in Town Square, USA. This is a beautiful tradition at the Disneyland Resort that includes honoring current military service members and veterans, the lowering of the flag, and the singing of God Bless America. This is currently happening at 4:15 PM daily. If you want a specific spot to watch this from up close, get there right after the parade. The above performance was a special Memorial Day weekend performance. Quite frequently the band performs in front of the flag on the Main Street Station side of the square.

The Disneyland Band is a fantastic tradition that continues today at Disneyland. It has had many incredible leaders throughout the year. This includes founding bandmaster Vesey Walker. The British band leader was hired by Walt Disney to assemble a band for the opening day of Disneyland. Initially, the plan was for this to be a two-week engagement. However, nearly seven decades later, the Disneyland Band continues to perform at The Happiest Place on Earth. Other directors throughout the year have included James Christensen, Jim Barngrover, Stanford Freese, and Art Dragon. Today, the band leader comes is one of the performers in the band. The only time they lead the band with a baton is for the Patriotic Flag Retreat.

What do you think of the Disneyland Band? What is your favorite song that the band performs? Do you have a favorite set where the band performs? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!