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Check Out What Is Coming to Hulu in July 2024!

Hulu is constantly adding more content to its library. Whether it is TV shows that aired the day before, or new original content, Hulu continues to add new titles to its roster on a regular basis. Below is a look at what is coming to Hulu in July of 2024. This month includes the arrival of Futurama: Season 12 Premiere, The Bachelorette: Season 21 Premiere, and more! Disney+ has also released what will be coming in July 2024 and it can be seen here. Check out what is coming to Hulu in July below and then share what you are most excited about!

Hulu July 2024

July 2

The Tunnel to Summer, The Exit of Goodbyes (2022)
The Urashima Tunnel can grant any wish…for a price. High school boy Kaoru, plagued by a troubled past, teams up with Anzu, a girl who struggles to place obligations before her dreams, to investigate the Tunnel. But the cost of their hearts’ desires may be too high to pay. This is an unforgettable summer story of nostalgia, young love and bending time itself. Winner of the Paul Grimault Prize, Annecy Festival 2023.

July 3

Red Swan: Two-Episode Series Premiere (Hulu Original)
While Oh Wansoo and her husband Kim Yongkook might seem like the perfect couple, there’s more to their relationship than meets the eye. The heir to one of Korea’s top conglomerates, Yongkook has long been unfaithful to Wansoo. Well aware of her husband’s affairs, Wansoo has worked hard to try and keep their marriage together, but when a mysterious new bodyguard appears as part of her protection detail, her loyalties will be tested for the first time. Somehow familiar, Seo Doyoon is sworn to keep Wansoo safe, but could his appearance and an ulterior motive end up threatening everything Wansoo has worked so hard for?

July 4

Land of Tanabata: Three-Episode Series Premiere (Hulu Original)
Adapted from the popular manga by Hitoshi Iwasaki, the series will follow Yoji Minamimaru, an absent-minded university student who discovers he has the seemingly useless power of being able to make a hole in anything. Affectionately called Nanmaru by his friends, Minamimaru will suddenly find himself at the center of a potentially world-ending crisis with nothing but his useless power to help.

July 5

The Monk and the Gun (2023)

“The Monk And The Gun” captures the wonder and disruption as Bhutan becomes one of the world’s youngest democracies. Known throughout the world for its extraordinary beauty and its emphasis on Gross National Happiness, the remote Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan was the last nation to connect to the internet and television. And if that weren’t enough change, the King announced shortly afterwards that he would cede his power to the people via their vote and a new form of government: Democracy.

An elderly lama (Kelsang Choejey), recognizing that extraordinary change is about to sweep through his country, is troubled by the possible outcomes. He instructs his young disciple Tashi (Tandin Wangchuk) to set forth into the kingdom and bring him two guns before the full moon to “set it right.” The young monk is perplexed by his guru’s request, and his familiarity with guns is based solely on images from the only film available on television: James Bond. His quest brings him into contact with a scheming American gun collector Ron (Harry Einhorn), leading to a most unexpected outcome.

July 9

The Bachelorette: Season 21 Premiere (ABC)
Jenn Tran will make Bachelor franchise history when her journey to love begins on the upcoming 21st season of “The Bachelorette.” After charming audiences with her bubbly personality on Joey Graziadei’s season of “The Bachelor,” the 26-year-old fan favorite will begin handing out roses when the series returns this summer.

July 10

Sasha Reid and the Midnight Order: Series Premiere (Freeform)
“Sasha Reid and the Midnight Order” is a documentary series following Dr. Sasha Reid and her secret society of young women with vastly different backgrounds but one common obsession — the dark psychology of those who commit harm and the desire to protect those that law enforcement has ignored. They band together to work outside the system to protect the vulnerable, solve cold cases, and dive into the dark minds of killers using forensic expertise and world-class data skills. Their motto is to have compassion first but let the evidence lead.

July 11

Mastermind: To Think Like a Killer: Complete Docuseries (Hulu Original)
From award-winning executive producers Dakota and Elle Fanning, showrunner Dani Sloane, and director Abby Fuller, comes “Mastermind: To Think Like A Killer,” a fascinating new perspective on the woman whose crime hunting innovations changed history. To stop serial killers, psychiatric nurse and professor Dr. Ann Burgess must first learn to think like one. With unprecedented access to the mastermind behind the development of modern serial-killer profiling, the series tells Burgess’ tenacious story and her compassion for victims which puts her at the center of America’s most infamous true-crime cases. From the widely known Ed Kemper and Ted Bundy to lesser-known cases like the Ski Mask Rapist, Burgess investigates and studies the damaged psyches of victims and their attackers, putting two halves of the same story together to catch a killer.  Largely an unsung heroine until now, Dr. Burgess impacted not only the FBI, she also radically championed the plight of women in America.

July 11

The Animal Kingdom (2023)
In “The Animal Kingdom,” a visionary new thriller that drops viewers into an extraordinary world where mutations in human genetics cause people to transform into hybrid creatures, François (Roman Duris) does everything he can to save his wife, who is affected by this mysterious condition. As some of the creatures disappear into a nearby forest, François embarks with Emile (Paul Kircher), their 16-year-old son, on a quest to find her with help from a local police officer (Adèle Exarchopoulos). From acclaimed directorThomas Cailley, the film world premiered as the opening night selection of Cannes Un Certain Regard.

July 12

HIP – High Intellectual Potential: Complete Seasons 1-3 (Newen Connect)
One night, while working as a cleaning lady in a police station, Morgane can’t resist “tidying up” the elements on an investigation board. When the cops return the next day, they realize she’s brought them a giant step closer to finding the suspect. It turns out Morgane has High Intellectual Potential. But her 160 IQ has never really helped Morgane in her everyday life! After questioning her and testing her method, the police decide to bring her on board to help them track down and catch highly intelligent criminals. Despite the mismatched duo she forms with the brigade’s captain, their first joint effort is a success. Morgane strikes a deal with the cops: she agrees to work for them, but in exchange they have to work for her, reopening a missing persons investigation into her first true love, who vanished fifteen years ago, when she was pregnant with their child. “High Potential,” the American adaptation of this French series, to debut on ABC starring Kaitlin Olson this fall!

July 15

Hit-Monkey: Complete Season 2 (Hulu Original)
In New York City, Monkey finds a path to escape his life of killing, while Bryce attempts to repair the damage to those he wronged in life. But what will it cost them to undo the past? “In New York City, Monkey struggles against his darker nature while he tries to escape his life of killing.

July 17

UnPrisoned: Complete Season 2 (Hulu Original)
The Alexander family is still a mess. Paige’s therapy practice is in trouble, Finn’s anxiety is through the roof,  Edwin is still figuring out how to get his life together outside of prison, and their relationships are more complicated than ever. The family needs help, and it’s time to call in a professional –OTHER than Paige. The Alexanders turn to a “family radical healing coach,” who throws out all the rules to free them of the issues, old wounds and family secrets holding them back.

July 18

How I Caught My Killer: Complete Season 2 (Hulu Original)

“How I Caught My Killer” is a true-crime docu-series that highlights the real-life stories behind unique homicide cases with in-depth interviews, authentic archival material and cinematic recreations all packaged together into a fresh spin in the genre.

Whether it’s a fraught letter to a friend, an urgent text message detailing a heated argument, a private diary entry describing a horrifying experience, or an ominous social media post revealing a motive for murder…these victims all leave a case-breaking clue that will one day help to solve their crime.

Every curated case details a complex portrait of a human being whose life was cut short by a killer that would have escaped justice if it hadn’t been for the victim’s own actions. Ultimately, the twists and turns of the investigations into these victim-solved crimes expose an awful truth in America today: our systemic failures as a nation all too frequently deny many citizens justice. Each episode forces us to confront the harsh reality that our system is blind to many underserved and invisible communities that make up a disproportionate percentage of the people who lose their lives to homicide every year.

July 19

Lucky 13: Series Premiere (ABC)
Co-hosted by Shaquille O’Neal and Gina Rodriguez, “Lucky 13” is a high-stakes primetime game show that’ll have viewers on the edge of their seats while shouting answers at their screens. From the creative who introduced the world to “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire,” “Lucky 13” tests contestants’ knowledge with 13 true-or-false trivia questions but with a cunning twist: Just how well do they know what they know … and, just as importantly, how well do they know what they don’t know? If they can accurately predict how successfully they’ve answered 13 questions, they could take home a $1 million cash jackpot.

July 23

Dress My Tour: Complete Season 1 (Hulu Original)
Hosted by Kate Upton, “Dress My Tour” takes fans behind the curtain of the unpredictable fashion and music industries. The series follows 11 aspiring fashion designers on the raw, emotional journey of creating stunning fashion pieces worthy of the music world’s biggest names like JoJo Siwa, Paula Abdul, Toni Braxton, Ty Dolla $ign and more. As these designers compete to make their mark in the fashion and music industries, find out which one of them truly has what it takes to design for the stars and win the $100,000 prize.

July 23

Femme (2023)
Jules’ life and career as a drag queen is destroyed by a homophobic attack. But when he re-encounters his attacker, the deeply-closeted Preston, in a gay sauna, he is presented with a chance to exact revenge. Unrecognizable out of his wig and make-up, Jules infiltrates Preston’s life, and in doing so, discovers power in a different kind of drag.

July 25

Wayne Brady: The Family Remix: Series Premiere (Freeform)
Everyone knows Wayne Brady — actor, comedian, host, singer and preeminent multihyphenate of this generation — but there’s more to the man seen onstage. What happens when such an iconic entertainer peels back the curtain on the realities of an unexpected life?

July 26

Playground: Complete Season 1 (Trooper Entertainment)
Playground LA is the premier studio for pro dancers to be discovered and book their big break. Classes taught by highly sought choreographers and auditions held by top music artists – including Megan Thee Stallion – attract the most ambitious dancers in the world – and all the drama they bring with them. Romance, friendships, and tenacity are tested at every turn, as the next hot dancer is always around the corner, trying to beat the established pros for their shot at the spotlight.

July 29

Futurama: Season 12 Premiere (Hulu Original)
Following Hulu’s critically acclaimed 2023 revival of Futurama, the epic sci-fi series from Matt Groening and David X. Cohen returns in 2024 with ten all-new episodes. On this orbit around the sun, our occasionally heroic crew embarks on mind-bending adventures involving birthday party games to the death, the secrets of Bender’s ancestral robot village, A.I. friends (and enemies), impossibly cute beanbags, and the true 5 million-year-old story behind the consciousness-altering substance known as coffee. And, of course, the next chapter in Fry and Leela’s fateful, time-twisted romance.

July 30

Betrayal: A Father’s Secret: Complete Docuseries (Hulu Original)
“Betrayal: A Father’s Secret,” is the highly anticipated second season of ABC News Studios’ hit docuseries “Betrayal,” based on the No. 1 true-crime podcast of the same name. This new season follows Ashley Lytton, a Utah wife and mother of three, as she unearths her husband Jason’s secret, leaving her fearing for her family’s safety and future. Following this devastating discovery, Ashley takes swift action to safeguard her family from the man she thought she knew best, unraveling a tangled web of dark truths along the way.

What do you think of the arrivals on Hulu this month? What are you most excited about? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!