Club 33

Disney Reportedly Working on Club 33 Film

Disney has been known for turning its attractions into movies. Now, it appears the the exclusive and secretive Club 33 could be turned into a film. The Hollywood Reporter broke the news saying that Darren Lemke has been hired to write a script for this film. It has Shawn Levy, Dan Levine and Dan Cohen on board as producers through 21 Laps Entertainment. This is the banner behind Stranger Things and All The Light We Cannot See.

The film will reportedly be about a young aspiring detective named Kim who lives in present-day New York City. She receives an invitation to visit Club 33. It turns out that in this case, Club 33 is a magical and exclusive dining club that exists outside of time and space. Even more interesting, the members are some of the greatest and most iconic people of the past. This includes geniuses, royalty, and history-makers. However, a murder happens at the club and Kim soon finds everyone looking at her to solve it.

If this film does eventually get made, expect it to have the feel of Clue and Night at the Museum. The latter came from Levy and includes historical figures exhibits coming to life at night when museums close. 21 Laps Entertainment executive Emily Morris is overseeing this project. At this time, there is no director attached.

This Club 33 film is not the first time that elements from Disney Parks make the journey to the big screen. The most notable has been The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, which brought the iconic attraction to life and followed the adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow. Movies also have been made about the Haunted Mansion, The World Famous Jungle Cruise, and even Tomorrowland. These did not achieve the level of success of the multi-billion dollar Pirates franchise, however. Beyond these big name Disney park icons, Ron Moore is also working on a Disney+ series that focuses on the Society of Explorers and Adventurers. Ryan Reynolds is working on a movie that focuses on the same.

Club 33 opened at Disneyland in 1967 above New Orleans Square. It is an exclusive club with a limited number of memberships. It offers a high-end dining experience with gourmet dishes prepared by highly skilled chefs. At Disneyland Resort, club members have access to the main Club 33 location (which includes a lounge) and also 1901, a lounge in Disney California Adventure. Club 33 has sprouted up at other Disney Parks around the globe including Walt Disney World Resort, Tokyo Disney Resort, and Shanghai Disney Resort.