The Disney Dress Shop

The Disney Dress Shop Gets a New Home in Downtown Disney District at Disneyland Resort

The Dress Shop opened left one location and opened up in a new one today. The shop, which is a boutique with a variety of vintage-inspired dresses, other apparel, and accessories, now can be found next to Disney Home in the former home of WonderGround Gallery. The shop has been redecorated and also received a new sign on the front of it.

Friend of Daps Magic, Spencer, stopped by the new and former home of The Disney Dress Shop to check out the changes and take photos for Daps Magic readers. Check them out below.

Former Home of The Disney Dress Shop

As can be seen here, the former home of The Disney Dress Shop is vacant. While the sign on outside still is there, there isn’t much else to see. A sign on the window now points people in the right direction to go to the shop’s new home.

New Home of The Disney Dress Shop

The new home of The Disney Dress Shop is at the former WonderGround Gallery location. It looks fresh and bright for guests who are visiting to check out the dresses and other offerings inside. There are also new decorations found on the walls and checkout desks that add a bit of personality to the new shop.

It isn’t known if this is the permanent home of The Disney Dress Shop. There are plenty of changes happening in Downtown Disney District. This could be a temporary or permanent home with WonderGround Gallery returning or finding a new home elsewhere in the district.

What do you think of the new home for The Disney Dress Shop? Do you like its new location? Do you like its new setup inside the location? Do you shop at The Disney Dress Shop? It is a great place to shop ahead of Dapper Day on April 7, 2024! Stop by the next time you are at Downtown Disney District and see this new home for this shop. Share your thoughts and opinions of it in the comments below!


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