Pin Trading

Cast Member to Guest Pin Trading Returning to Walt Disney World

Guests of the Walt Disney World Resort have been waiting patiently for one of their favorite activities to return, and they won’t have to wait much longer. In a video posted on the Disney Parks Instagram, Cast Member to Guest pin trading will officially return to Walt Disney World on Sunday, April 7.

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So what is pin trading? Disney pin trading is the buying and trading of collectible pins featuring Disney characters, attractions, icons, events and other elements. Pins have always been present at Disney Parks, but it wasn’t until 1999 when the Millennium Celebration at Walt Disney World was about to kick off that Disney Pin Trading was officially introduced. In 2000, the pin trading craze spread to the Disneyland Resort, and became the home of most Pin Trading events. Pin trading has since spread to Disneyland Paris, Disney Cruise Line, Hong Kong Disneyland, and Disney Aulani in Hawaii.  Each location creates their own pins and has their own traditions. Pin trading, however, has been suspended at Tokyo Disney Resort for various reasons. Pins are still offered as prizes at carnival games, and a relatively small number of pins are available.

In all Disney resorts, a large variety of pins are available for purchase and trade. Most merchandise Cast Members wear pins on lanyards around their necks, or on a pin display card or hip lanyard clipped to their belt. Other cast members may wear lanyards if pin trading does not distract from their responsibilities. Some managers choose to wear lanyards, however, ride operators are not permitted. Each lanyard contains around a dozen unique pins, and cast members must trade with guests if they are presented with an acceptable pin. The cast members may not decline a particular trade based on preference or rarity of the pin but may decline if the pin is not acceptable or pin trading rules are not being observed.

Here are some guidelines to help you with pin trading.

  • To trade a pin with a Disney cast member, the pin must be made of metal and have a representation of a Disney character, park, attraction, icon, or other official affiliation. Additionally, the pin must have a Disney copyright on its back.
  • Guests must trade with Cast Members, one pin at a time, with the pin back in place (pins have functional sharp posts).
  • Guests can make up to two pin trades per cast member per day.
  • Refrain from touching another person’s pins or lanyard, ask to see the pin so they can bring the pin into closer view.
  • The pin that is traded to the cast member cannot be a duplicate of any pin they already have on their lanyard.
  • No money can change hands on Disney property in exchange for a pin.

Are you looking forward to pin trading again at Walt Disney World? Is there a particular pin you look for when pin trading? Let us know in the comments!