A Walk Around Disneyland on a Rainy Day as Seen Through a 35mm Lens

Saturday, March 2, 2024 was an interesting day. It couldn’t decide exactly what it wanted to be. At times, it was pouring with a cold rain. At other times, the sun was shining and Pixar-like clouds made the skies seem happy. And then there were the other times when the day just didn’t know what it wanted to be and was cloudy. Thinking most of the rain had finished, I ran into Disneyland for a bit in the afternoon with my Canon 6D and 35mm lens. I thought it’d be fun to just wander around and grab a few shots, with no agenda. This is what I did end up doing. What I didn’t anticipate was the return of the rain (yea, the weather app was wrong… big surprise). Below is a look at my photos from wandering around Disneyland on a day that couldn’t decide what it wanted to be.

After parking in the Toy Story Parking Lot, I made my way into the park. There was some sun starting to peek through the clouds and I figured it could end up being a nice afternoon. I also noticed a new Floral Minnie Mouse at the entrance of Disneyland.

After wandering around Main Street and stopping by Sleeping Beauty Castle, I decided to make my way into Frontierland. My thoughts today were about capturing whatever I saw in front of me. I wanted to just show what the day was like. Often I try to focus on photos of individual icons, but I thought I’d play around a bit more and capture bigger scenes.

Walking aimlessly into Frontierland, I found myself looking at the petrified tree. I took a picture of it. I’m not entirely sure why but now we have another photo of it. The Mark Twain showed up so I hopped aboard and took some photos of whatever jumped out at me, as can be seen below. After disembarking from the Mark Twain, I decided to wander into Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Along the way, I saw a cabin/building near the entrance under the railroad that I found interesting.

Once inside Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, I found myself drawn to the abandoned droids near the middle entrance. I grabbed a picture of them from a closer and lower perspective than I normally would have. Then I continued to wander through the land and just enjoy watching people enjoy. A crowd gathered around Chewbacca under the Millennium Falcon. I enjoyed just watching the moment so much that I forgot to take photos. I suppose that is a good thing. After a few minutes in the land, I continued to wander.

As I exited the land, I snapped a quick picture of the stagecoach that is in the path leading to and from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge near Fantasyland.

I then headed through Fantasyland and down the parade route back toward Main Street, USA to meet a friend and go on the Disneyland Railroad. I snapped a couple of pictures as I wandered down the street. My favorite was a moment when the fire truck was turning onto Main Street, USA from the hub while a horse drawn street car and yellow car were making their way up the street.

Having met up with my friend, it was time for a trip around Disneyland aboard the Disneyland Railroad. Just as the train was about to depart the station, it appeared that the rain could be getting ready to return. By the time the train left New Orleans Square, the rain was coming down. Ponchos and umbrellas had come out. Sitting on the edge of the train, I definitely found myself getting wet while taking pictures of the scenes scrolling by.

Finally the grand circle tour ended and we found ourselves back on Main Street, USA. Having not planned on it actually raining, I decided it was time for the visit to be cut short. As I wandered back out of the park, I stopped and took a few more pictures of the floral Minnie Mouse. The rain dispersed all of the people wanting to take photos there and it was fun to get an unobstructed view.

As I exited the park, the rain began to come down even more. People quickly scrambled for cover as I made my way through the esplanade and to the transportation center to catch my bus back to the Toy Story Parking Lot. By the time I was back at Toy Story, the rain was just spitting down. Driving home, the rain returned multiple times before deciding to give up for the afternoon.

My trip to Disneyland was a quick one, but a fun one. It was a nice change of pace and nice to also change the perspective of a park day. I may have to do it again someday soon.

What do you think of my park day with a 35mm lens? Which picture did you like the best? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!