Soarin' Around the World

Soarin’ Around the World Returning to EPCOT on February 28

Soarin’ Around the World is returning to EPCOT and replacing Soarin’ Over California. Walt Disney World Resort has announced that the final day to experience Soarin’ Over California will be on February 27, 2024. The following day Soarin’ Around the World will be returning for guests to experience.

The original version of the attraction had returned for a limited-time run at EPCOT as part of the Disney100 celebration at Walt Disney World Resort. This version of the attraction has guests soar over the Golden Gate Bridge and then through other scenes in California including Yosemite National Park, Napa Valley, Lake Tahoe, Palm Springs, San Diego harbor, Malibu, nighttime in Los Angeles, and then The Happiest Place on Earth! This cruise through California is accompanied by the iconic score of Academy Award®-winning composer Jerry Goldsmith.

Daps Magic has filmed this attraction in California. It will be returning for the 2024 Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival. This runs from March 1, 2024 through April 22, 2024. The video can be seen here:

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Soarin’ Around the World starts in the Swiss Alps before heading to various iconic locations around the world. Here is the official description of this attraction:

Feel the thrill as you’re raised high in the air and swept from one scenic locale to the next. See the world’s wonders—natural and manmade—like you never have before. No mountain is too high. No landscape is too far.

Your journey begins as the clouds part above the majestic Swiss Alps. Next, you’ll visit polar bears in icy Greenland, swoop past sailboats on Australia’s iconic Sydney Harbour and weave between elephants marching toward Mount Kilimanjaro.

Glide above marvels like the Great Wall of China, the Great Pyramids of Egypt and the Taj Mahal in India. Cruise over Monument Valley, Fiji’s Lau Island and thundering Iguazu Falls in South America. Look down on the Eiffel Tower as it sparkles like a jewel in the night, surrounded by the lights of Paris.

This must-see attraction will leave your heart soaring!

What do you think about the return of Soarin’ Around the World to EPCOT? Are you sad to see Soarin’ Over California end its run at Walt Disney World Resort? Are you excited to experience Soarin’ Around the World again? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!


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