Every Hour of One More Disney Day

Every Hour of One More Disney Day at Disneyland

On February 29, 2012, the Disneyland Resort hosted its One More Disney Day 24-hour event. Walt Disney World Resort also did the same over in Florida. Daps Magic was on hand to cover this 24-hour Disney day. Specifically, Johnny 5, the former co-host of Geeks Corner. For this special leap year/leap day event, the Daps Magic team decided to document every hour of the 24-hour Disney day. Below is a look at Johnny 5’s coverage as was posted on the Daps Magic youtube channel 12 years ago. This ended up being a bit more than 24 hours as Johnny 5 had to get in line so he could be entering the park when it opened at 6:00 AM. Watch this first-person hourly experience from One More Disney Day here:

Every Hour of One More Disney Day

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Did you go to the Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World Resort for One More Disney Day in 2012? Did you make it the entire 24 hours? What did you think of the experience? Share your thoughts, memories, and opinions in the comments below!


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