Joe Gardner, From Disney & Pixar’s ‘Soul,’ Brings Lobby to Life With Musical Gifts at Pixar Place Hotel

Guests visiting the Pixar Place Hotel on the morning January 30, 2024, were delighted to hear and see Joe Gardner, from Disney and Pixar’s Soul, tickling the ivy of a piano in the lobby. Joe can be found at the bottom of a special stairway that is themed with different icons and imagery from Soul. He plays a variety of jazz songs while chatting with those who are watching.

This includes music that is heard in the Pixar film. On the opening day of Pixar Place Hotel, Daps Magic was invited to stop by and see all of the offerings that could be found. One of these was Joe Gardner’s performances. Below is a look at a couple of his performances from the opening day of this reimagined hotel.

Joe Gardner Performs Swinging on A Star

Pixar Place Hotel Lobby Tour and Joe Gardner Performs It’s All Right

Joe Gardner will be performing at Pixar Place Hotel on select days, the media was told when they were given a tour of the hotel. In general, he will most likely be found on the weekends in the afternoons. However, this could change at any time, depending on where Joe happens to be at any given moment. He is just one of the special offerings from the world and stories of Pixar that will be found at Pixar Place Hotel. Bing Bong will also be meeting with guests daily on the third floor outside in a lovely meet and greet area. This is what his meet and greet location looks like:

The Disneyland Resort hosted members of the media and other special guests to see Joe Gardner, Bing Bong, and many other things at this hotel on its reopening day. This also included a grand opening ceremony in the morning. Daps Magic will be continuing to share more about this special hotel and day. Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list so as to not miss any of our coverage.

What do you think of Joe Gardner performing at Pixar Place Hotel? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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