The Disney Bubble – Day Seventeen – 23 Days of Thanksgiving

One of my favorite things about the Disneyland Resort, or any Disney Park really, is how you can be transported instantly to another time and place the moment you enter. The worries of the world are suddenly lifted, banished to a realm outside the gates. The magic of Disney takes over and makes you feel lighter, happier, more relaxed. That Disney Bubble effect is what I’m thankful for today. It’s part of the reason why I keep returning to the Disney Parks on a regular basis and why they’ve become my happy place!

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The beauty of stillness at Sleeping Beauty Castle, even in the midst of a busy day, is like a tonic for the soul.

What creates the Disney Bubble feeling, you may ask? For me, it’s a style of storytelling that transports me into a narrative so effortlessly. It’s the attention to detail that immerses me into a certain place, somewhere that couldn’t possibly exist in the outside world. It’s everything I see, hear, taste, smell, and touch that points me back to the significance of the moment. It’s the contagious joy of my loved ones, reminding me why life is good. It’s the excited greeting from a favorite character, graciously offering special attention. It’s the beauty and calm that I can find in my favorite spots. It’s the spontaneous moments that I happen onto by the grace of serendipity, the kind of things that become long-lasting memories. It’s the new friends I meet and share moments with, especially when those moments lengthen into years of happy companionship. All of these things and many more set the Disney Parks apart as environments that feel special.

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An impromptu moment with the Pearly Band, Mary Poppins, and Bert gives life to a Disney afternoon!

If you’re a “Disney person” or you know a Disney person well, this Disney Bubble feeling is probably familiar to you. It’s the thing that keeps drawing people back to the Disney resorts around the world time after time. The feeling is addicting. Us Disney people are always trying to recreate the magic we experience at Disney because it resonates with us so much. Some of us even have countdown clocks until we can return. When hard times come, it’s comforting to think that ‘if I can just get through this day, it’ll be one fewer until my next visit!’ The relief that the Disney Bubble provides can be a motivator to keep pushing through the mire, knowing that the reward is just on the horizon.

So today, I hope that you will take a moment to be thankful for the parts of the Disney Bubble that renew your spirit the most. I hope you’ll think about a favorite memory in the parks and smile! And if you feel so inclined, please share what you’re thankful for in the comments below! Showing gratefulness creates a cycle of good will, and we hope you’ll be that force for good in your sphere of influence today. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from the Daps Magic Team!


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