San Fransokyo Square - PORT OF SAN FRANSOKYO Letters

PORT OF SAN FRANSOKYO Letters Arrive at Disney California Adventure

San Fransokyo Square was given a big addition this weekend making it now look very similar to its concept art. Letters spelling out PORT OF SAN FRANSOKYO now are on the railing of the area over the bay. They look quite nice during the day but become absolutely magical at night. Daps Magic team member Roger stopped by San Fransokyo Square on Sunday Night to check out and take photos/video of these letters. See them below!

San Fransokyo Square officially opened on August 31, 2023. This new area at Disney California Adventure is inspired by Big Hero 6. When it opened Michael Dobrzycki, Art Director at Walt Disney Imagineering Anaheim described the area saying, “San Fransokyo Square is a seaside district outside of the urban center in Walt Disney Animation Studios’ film ‘Big Hero 6.’ Here, guests will discover nods to the Big Hero 6 team’s many adventures, such as Hiro’s Megabot and Baymax’s battle glove.” The land includes multiple dining locations, shopping opportunities, and even a place to meet Baymax and Hiro! Throughout all of these there are nods to Big Hero 6, San Francisco, and also Tokyo.

Since opening at the end of August, San Fransokyo Square has continued to grow and evolve with new magical details being added. The PORT OF SAN FRANSOKYO letters are the most recent. This particular addition makes the land even more beautiful at night. Not only does it add light to the night, but the reflections double the magic!

What do you think of these new letters arriving at San Fransokyo Square? What is your favorite part of San Fransokyo Square? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!


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