Let's Celebrate With Colors- Day 14 - 23 Days of Thanksgiving

Let’s Celebrate With Colors – Day Fourteen – 23 Days of Thanksgiving

On my recent trip to Tokyo DisneySea I saw a water parade/show that happened twice throughout the day at the park. This show, called Let’s Celebrate With Colors, is happy and full of Disney magic. It also had me instantly hooked. I will admit, at first I really wasn’t sure why I was hooked. However, after thinking about it for two weeks (yes, I’m still hooked), I’ve realized that it wasn’t just the music and barge full of Disney characters that had me hooked on this show. It really is, and was, more about what it represented.

This show was representative of the culture I was experiencing at Tokyo DisneySea. This is a culture of joy, kindness, and magic. It is quite clear that the cast members who work there really believe in what they do. They are also very proud of what they do and take it very seriously. It’s weird to think that they take smiling and treating people with kindness so seriously but they do. This leads to a culture that is very happy and magical. It is also one that I loved. It was amazing how even asking someone to take off their hat or Mickey ears off in a show was done in a very sweet and kind way. This was also reciprocated by the guests as well. I loved the whole thing. It is a culture that takes a LOT of work. It is one that I really appreciate and am thankful to have experienced.

Today, while exploring a volcano above Tokyo (that will be in another post), I was talking with a new friend about the experience and just how amazing it was. We were both remarking at how special these experiences we are getting in Japan are and my mind wandered back to this show once again… and the song returned to my head (for better or worse). While this may not normally be my favorite show or jingle, I look back fondly on it am very thankful to have seen it (and also for it to be once again stuck in my head while I write this). I don’t know if I’m really specifically thankful for this show or for what it represents. Whatever the exact root of today’s thankfulness is doesn’t really matter. I’m simply thankful that I have had these experiences to be thankful for!

Here is Let’s Celebrate with Colors. Be forewarned, this song can get stuck in your head. However, I do think that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I hope you find a reason to be thankful for it, just as I have. Let me know in the comments what you are thankful for today! Let’s fill the world with gratitude and kindness, what do you think?


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