Pin trading has been a popular activity for many years. It’s fun to trade pins with other guests and Cast Members alike, but it’s also fun to display them on a lanyard.

According to reporter Scott Gustin on X/Twitter, Disneyland Resort has updated its website with official guidelines for pin trading in theme parks, and has officially banned the use of benches to display pins. Pin trading on benches has been popular over the last several years near the entrance of Frontierland at Disneyland. “Benches or any other structures for the display of pins will no be permitted. Benches are for seating purposes only.”

As part of the new guidelines, trading (outside the use of the lanyard) will only be permitted near Westward Ho Trading Company in Frontierland at Disneyland as directed by a Cast Member or a sign with the exact location, from park opening to 3:00pm daily (subject to change). There is also a limit on the number of items you can bring for trading. “Only one trading bag, 14″L x 12″W x 6″H (36cm x 31cm x 16cm) or smaller, is permitted. Guests should only utilize a single trading bag for pin trading activities. No additional decorations or collateral (e.g., lights, signage, displays, etc.) will be permitted.” Guests are also being asked to watch their items. “Traders must stay with their items for the entire time they are displaying or trading.”

When Gustin asked about the changes, the Disneyland Resort provided an update saying: “We regularly evaluate and adjust our policies and operations. Pin Trading is a fun, magical activity for our guests and these updated guidelines will create a designated location near Westward Ho Trading Company in Disneyland Park during specific times, which will enhance the overall guest experience at Disneyland Resort.”

Photos courtesy of @sentfromdisneyland. Thank you!


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