Carthay Circle Restaurant – Day 12 – 23 Days of Thanksgiving

There are so many amazing places to visit at the Disney Parks. Today, I’d like to give thanks for just one of them. Carthay Circle Restaurant is one of my favorite places to visit at the Disneyland Resort. It is found in the iconic building that recreates the Carthay Circle Theatre in Los Angeles where Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs premiered in 1937. It would also eventually be the location where Fantasia premiered as well. However, those aren’t the things that truly make this a place I’m thankful for.

Carthay Circle Restaurant has some fantastic food, incredible drinks, and beautiful photos and art found throughout the location. The decor throughout the restaurant is a tribute to the past during the Golden Age of Hollywood. Throughout the restaurant there are black and white photos of iconic movie moments from The Walt Disney Company. There is also one full-color painting over the staircase, I’ll return to that in another article however. The whole atmosphere and vibe of this restaurant is quite simply classy.

The building and the food aren’t what really makes Carthay Circle Restaurant so special, however. It is the people who work there. There are absolutely incredible servers, bartenders, chefs, hosts, and managers that make this place special. The community here really is special. It is filled with people who have huge hearts that show kindness throughout their shifts. They have a smile on their faces and sparkles in their eyes that show how happy they are to see you when you walk into the lobby and to your table. They go out of their way to make people’s days magical in whatever way they can. They exemplify what it means to create Disney magic.

As I sit here in Japan writing about Carthay Circle Restaurant, I can’t help but smile. The people that bring this restaurant to life simply show kindness as they go about their jobs on a daily basis. This is something I’ve thankful for. I’ve been there when I’m having fantastic days. I’ve also been there when having not so great days (yes, it does happen). The people at Carthay Circle Restaurant I can honestly say have made each day I’ve visited better because of that visit.

Generally each day I invite you to join me and share what you are thankful for in the comments below. Today, however, I’d love if you’d join me in sharing about a magical moment you have had that made your day better because of the kindness of a cast member. This is exactly what happens so often when I visit Carthay Circle Restaurant. They are just one very good example of how cast members’ kindness can make a day better or even amazing. Share your memories and thoughts of gratitude to cast members in the comments below!


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