‘Once Upon a Studio’ Being Presented at Disneyland’s Opera House

Once Upon a Studio was presented last night on The Wonderful World of Disney on ABC ahead of the network television debut of Encanto. Today the new short celebrating Disney’s 100 years of magical storytelling arrived on Disney+ and is being presented on other Disney owned networks as well along with in theaters ahead of Moana. Guests at Disneyland can also watch this charming short as well.

Once Upon a Studio is being shown in the lobby of the Opera House. A sign outside of the Opera House announces that this short is being shown. It accompanies an exhibit in the lobby that is dedicated to Disney100. It is unknown how long it will continue to be shown.

When Daps Magic stopped by to check this showing off there were about a dozen people watching it. Chuckles could be heard at different moments; along with a sniffle or two.

Having Once Upon a Studio in the Opera House seemed like a fitting little nod to Disney’s 100th anniversary and rhetorical man who started it all with his brother in 1923.

What do you think of Once Upon a Studio being shown in the Opera House? will you be stopping by to watch it there? Share your thoughts and op booming the comments below!


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