Grand Admiral Thrawn

New Video Shows Thrawn as Heir to the Empire

A new video that has been released by Star Wars shows Grand Admiral Thrawn as “heir to the Empire.” Taking clips from Ahsoka that show Grand Admiral Thrawn in different scenarios, this quick video starts with Ahsoka saying “I started hearing whispers of his return as heir to the Empire.” This is accompanied by a montage of Thrawn taking from different scenes of Ahsoka. The full video can be seen below.

While it hasn’t been announced at this point, the focus on Thrawn coupled with “heir to the Empire” seems to hint at Thrawn’s future in Dave Filoni’s Star Wars storytelling plans. Heir to the Empire is the name of the Timothy Zahn novel. It also could end up being the title of the Dave Filoni helmed movie in. afew years as well. In the original approach to the character, Thrawn was a warlord. In the more recent return (that is also canon), Thrawn is motivated by protecting the Chiss Ascendancy from a greater unknown threat. While he is loyal to the Empire, it seems his true loyalty lies with the Chiss Ascendancy. It is unknown if this is how Thrawn will be following the recent written motivations or take a new patch when Dave Filoni continues his story.

Grand Admiral Thrawn can currently be seen on Disney+ on Ahsoka. All episodes of this series are now streaming. At this time, it isn’t known exactly when Grand Admiral Thrawn will be seen again on the big or small screen. Until he does make a return, fans will undoubtably be reading into everything that is posted by Star Wars regarding the Grand Admiral. What do you think is in store for Grand Admiral Thrawn in the future? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!


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