Disney Village McDonald's

New McDonald’s Heading to Disney Village at Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris and McDonald’s have announced a new restaurant for the fast food restaurant in Disney Village. Along with announcing the new restaurant, concept art for what it will look like was also released. This comes as the two organizations renew their partnership and extend it further.

Work on the new restaurant will begin in the fall of 2024 and should be completed by early 2026. During the construction of the new restaurant the current one McDonald’s will remain open. The new restaurant will be next door to the current one. Disneyland Paris released the following information about the new restaurant in Disney Village as well:

As part of the multi-year transformation of Disney Village, McDonald’s will build a brand new major restaurant by 2026. It is also an opportunity for the two brands to renew their mutual trust by extending their partnership.

Disneyland Paris and McDonald’s today announced the upcoming opening in early 2026 of a new McDonald’s restaurant in the heart of Europe’s leading tourist destination. Capitalizing on the success of the restaurant existing since 1999, McDonald’s and Disneyland Paris wish to offer a new experience to their visitors.

After a preparatory phase, work on the new restaurant will begin in September 2024 with an opening planned for early 2026. The current, very popular McDonald’s restaurant will continue to operate during the duration of the work, until the opening of the new establishment located just next door. This new restaurant, with an innovative architecture designed exclusively for Disneyland Paris, is fully part of the Disney Village transformation program which began at the start of this year, aiming to renew the guest experience by combining the best of Disney know-how with attractive family concepts, and a completely reinvented design. More details will be communicated in the future.

What do you think of what this new McDonald’s looks like for Disney Village at Disneyland Paris? Are you excited to see this new location be built and come to life as part of the Disney Village transformation that is currently underway? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!