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Hong Kong Disneyland Reveals First Look at Cast Member Costumes and Name Tags

When World of Frozen opens at Hong Kong Disneyland on November 20th, guests will be able to enter Arendelle and experience the Frozen franchise like never before. A big part of what will bring this land to life will be the cast members inside of it. This week Hong Kong Disneyland revealed what cast members will be wearing when this new land opens. This includes quite a few variations for their costumes and also their name tags. Take a look at what the costumes and name tags for World of Frozen at Hong Kong Disneyland will be below.

Outfits Made to Mix and Match

Some costumes are worth melting for…and those found at World of Frozen could thaw a frozen heart! Drawing inspiration from traditional Norwegian bunads, an extra special detail is that not only are pieces like the vests reversible, a favorite touch for Eva and Angel, others are also interchangeable. The options are nearly endless, including five shirts ranging from a royal purple to an icy blue, breeches spanning multiple shades and even accessories to add on such as sunflower hair clips, hair scarves and sashes — offering the citizens of Arendelle a chance to customize their looks. The sunflower hair clips and hair scarves can even be purchased at Tick Tock Toys & Collectibles, if you’re so inclined to match!

Traditional Scandinavian Design at Arendelle Village

For those on the village side, the costumes are more floral and elegant with rosemaling embroidery. This decorative touch takes inspiration from Scandinavian Viking heritage and European baroque and rococo styles that flourished in the 18th and 19th centuries. Typically stylized as floral and plant motifs, these designs can be found throughout the land from the architecture to even in Arendelle’s official crest. 

Oaken Details in the Arendelle Forest

Over on the forest side across the Fjord, not only will you find a carnival coaster constructed by Oaken, those assisting with his newly founded operation have sourced inspiration from his iconic style. Sweaters from the winter department paired with cropped breeches and suspenders are the look over at Wandering Oaken’s Sliding Sleighs. The color palette here pulls from earth tones, similar to the surrounding forest landscape for those working throughout Arendelle Forest.

Costumes Designed for the Elements

Although ice is life here at World of Frozen, the weather in Hong Kong is typically humid. Eva and Angel shared that in order to keep the authenticity of the land with the climate top of mind, these costumes were made from light and moisture wicking fabrics. There is even a themed raincoat and water bottle cover featuring the rosemaling details found throughout the land — a touch that was personally added by them.

All-New Name Tags Exclusive to World of Frozen

You can’t love a name tag you just met…right? Each name tag features its own flag noting the location of those wearing it such as Frozen Ever After, Wandering Oaken’s Sliding Sleighs and Tick Tock Toys & Collectibles. And as we are celebrating Summer Snow Day at World of Frozen, they also depict a sunflower, the symbol of celebration, with yellow petals that blossom and merge into blue icy crystals. 

What do you think of the costumes and name tags for World of Frozen at Hong Kong Disneyland? What do you think of this land? Are you going to visit it? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!


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