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Disneyland Resort Raises Prices on Tickets, Magic Keys, Genie+, and Parking

The Disneyland Resort has raised its prices on tickets, Magic Keys, Genie+, and parking that is effective immediately (October 11, 2023). The new prices impact most visits to the Disneyland Resort. However, they do not impact the Tier 0 single-day ticket. This ticket is the cheapest ticket available and is $104. It has been at this price since 2019. Other tickets have gone up in price as much as 9%. Multi-day tickets saw price increases rise by as much as 25% and Magic Keys saw price increases go as high as $150.

The price adjustments come as the parks continue to be packed with guests visiting the Disneyland Resort to experience all of the Halloween Time and Plaza de la Familia offerings. Soon, the holiday celebrations will begin at the Disneyland Resort, which will add more demand for tickets and parks reservations as well. Below is a look at all of the updated prices found throughout the Disneyland Resort as of October 11, 2023.

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Disneyland Resort Ticket Prices

The ticket prices at the Disneyland Resort change based on the date. This flex pricing structure sees tickets range in tiers from Tier 0 to Tier 6. Single day tickets saw prices increase by as much as $15 for the Tier 6 days. The Tier 0 tickets did not change in price. The new pricing structure for single-day tickets are now as follows (as of October 11, 2023):

TicketAdult One-ParkAdult Park HopperChild (3-9) One-ParkChild (3-9) Park Hopper
One Day – Tier 0$104 (same)$169 (same)$98 (same)$163 (same)
One Day – Tier 1$119 ($5 more)$184 ($5 more)$119 ($11 more)$184 ($11 more)
One Day – Tier 2$134 ($5 more)$199 ($5 more)$127 ($5 more)$192 ($5 more)
One Day – Tier 3$154 ($10 more)$219 ($10 more)$146 ($10 more)$211 ($10 more)
One Day – Tier 4$169 ($10 more)$234 ($10 more)$160 ($10 more)$225 ($10 more)
One Day – Tier 5$184 ($15 more)$249 ($15 more)$174 ($15 more)$239 ($15 more)
One Day – Tier 6$194 ($15 more)$259 ($15 more)$183 ($15 more)$248 ($15 more)

Multi-day tickets saw price increases rise at all levels from $25 to $65 for adult tickets. They peak out at a five-day ticket starting at $480 for single-park tickets and $555 for multi-park tickets. In general, the park hopper add-on is still $65 per ticket, except for the five-day ticket where it is $75. Here is a look at the pricing structure for multi-day tickets (as of October 11, 2023):

TicketAdult One-ParkAdult Park HopperChild (3-9) One-ParkChild (3-9) Park Hopper
Two Day$310 ($25 more)$375 ($30 more)$290 ($20 more)$355 ($25 more)
Three Day$390 ($30 more)$460 ($40 more)$365 ($25 more)$435 ($35 more)
Four Day$445 ($50 more)$515 ($60 more)$420 ($50 more)$490 ($60 more)
Five Day$480 ($65 more)$555 ($80 more)$450 ($60 more)$525 ($75 more)

Disney Genie+ Prices

Prices also went up for Disney Genie+. This comes as the service adds Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway at Disneyland, which is now included with Disney Genie+. Disney is also adding The Little Mermaid – Ariel’s Undersea Adventure at Disney California Adventure will also be added in the near future. The new Disney Genie+ price is $30 per day/per ticket, up from its previous price of $25 per day for those who add the service to their ticket before visiting the Disneyland Resort. The pricing can be variable and be $30 or more if Disney Genie+ is added on the day of a visit.

As has been the case since being introduced, individual Lightning Lane pricing will be variable. This is based off of demand and generally sees busier days with higher prices.

Disneyland Magic Key

Magic Key Prices

Magic Key prices have seen an increase in price that ranges from $50 to $150. While new sales of Magic Keys at the Disneyland Resort are currently on hold, the new prices will impact those who are renewing their Magic Key pass. Each Magic Key saw price increases with the most expensive Inspire Key and the least expensive Imagine Key seeing increases of $50. The middle priced Magic Key passes, which include the Believe Key and Enchant Key, each saw a $150 increase. Here is a look at the new pricing structure for Magic Keys (as of October 11, 2023):

Magic Key TypeNew Price as of October 11, 2023
Inspire$1,649 ($50 more)
Believe$1,249 ($150 more)
Enchant$849 ($150 more)
Imagine$499 ($50 more)


Parking Prices

Parking at the Disneyland Resort has also seen an increase in prices. This includes standard parking and also preferred parking. The only exception is for the Downtown Disney District, which did not see a parking rate change. Everywhere else, prices went up by $5. Here is a look at the new pricing structure for parking at the Disneyland Resort (as of October 11, 2023):

Theme Park ParkingNew Price as of October 11, 2023
Auto / Motorcycle$35
RV / Oversized$40
Commercial / Bus$45
Preferred Parking$55

Disneyland Resort hotel parking has also seen new prices. They also went up by $5 as well. Here is a look at the new pricing structure for parking at the Disneyland Resort hotels (as of October 11, 2023):

Hotel ParkingNew Price as of October 11, 2023
Auto / Motorcycle – Hotel Guest Self Park$40
RV / Oversized – Hotel Guest Self Park$45
Hotel Guest Valet Park$70
Auto / Motorcycle – Non-Hotel Guest Self Park$40 first hour + $10/hour; $80 max
V / Oversized – Non-Hotel Guest Self Park$45 first hour + $10/hour; $85 max

There still is validation for guests who are visiting the Disneyland Resort hotels’ restaurants. They are as follows:

  • Storytellers Cafe: 3 hours complimentary parking—your choice of valet or self-parking—with restaurant validation at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa
  • Napa Rose: 5 hours complimentary parking—your choice of valet or self-parking—with restaurant validation at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa
  • Goofy’s Kitchen: 3 hours complimentary parking—your choice of valet or self-parking—with restaurant validation at Disneyland Hotel
  • Tenaya Stone Spa: 5 hours included parking—your choice of valet or self-parking—at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa when you spend $125 or more at Tenaya Stone Spa; receipts cannot be combined to meet the minimum requirement.

Parking is not allowed at the Disneyland Resort hotels for Disneyland, Disney California Adventure, and the Downtown Disney District.

Reservation Booking Window

The price adjustments at Disneyland Resort come after it was recently announced that the reservation booking window is being extended for guests coming to the parks. This will extend the window from the current 120 days to 180 days. This will make it easier for guests to plan their visits to the parks ahead of time.

Ways to Save

The prices that are seeing the adjustments that are noted above are not the only way to visit the Disneyland Resort, however. The Disneyland Resort recently announced new limited-time kids discount offer with tickets as low as $50 per day.  This new offer is good for use in the new year and can be purchased starting on October 24, 2023. With this offer, child’s tickets (valid only for children ages 3-9) to a Disneyland Resort theme park for as low as $50 per child, per day. This special offer will be available for 1, 2, or 3-Day Park tickets. There are also the possibilities for upgrades like Park Hopper tickets or Disney Genie+ as well. The limited-time child tickets are valid for use between January 8, 2024 and March 10, 2023. There are no blockout dates for these tickets but they still require park reservations and are subject to availability. There will be more information about this ticket offer on Disneyland.com starting on October 24.

Looking Forward

These prices will most likely remain in place for the foreseeable future. However, the Disneyland Resort does note on its website that prices can change at any time. To lock in current prices, purchase tickets as early as you know you will be visiting the Disneyland Resort. Tickets and hotel reservations can be booked through Mouseways Travel, the official travel partner of Daps Magic. If possible, visit on Tier 0 or Tier 1 days, which are less expensive. These also tend to be days where reservations disappear faster so keep that in mind.

Daps Magic will continue to monitor the Disneyland Resort prices and other updates and share them as they become known. What do you think of the price adjustments at the Disneyland Resort? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!