Sunday Spotlight: EPCOT Forever

Sunday Spotlight: EPCOT Forever

EPCOT Forever debuted at EPCOT on October 2019. It was originally created as an interim show between Illuminations: Reflections of Earth and Harmonious, which debuted in the fall of 2021. The show is a musical celebration of the history of EPCOT. It returned to EPCOT after the conclusion of Harmonious in the spring of 2023. When it initially opened, the show included fireworks, music, lighting, lasers, and special effects kites. The special effects kites, that included sparklers trailing behind the kites, were eventually dropped from the show. EPCOT Forever is packed full of nostalgia and is a charming show to enjoy by guests at EPCOT.

World Premiere: EPCOT Forever

EPCOT Forever includes the following segments and songs:

  • Opening
    • “Legacy” (Epcot entrance plaza theme)
    • “One Little Spark” (Journey into Imagination)
    • “We’ve Just Begun to Dream” (EPCOT Center Grand Opening)
  • Act I: Innovation (“Welcome to the future… or, should I say, your future!” – Spaceship Earth)
    • “New Horizons” (Horizons)
    • “Universe of Energy” (Universe of Energy)
    • “Listen to the Land” (Listen to the Land)
    • “New Horizons” (reprise, Horizons)
  • Act II: Exploration (“Soarin’ to tower, we are ready for takeoff!” – Soarin’)
    • “Tomorrow’s Child” (Spaceship Earth)
    • “Soarin’ Over California” (Soarin’)
    • “Magic Journeys” (Magic Journeys)
    • “Tomorrow’s Child” (reprise, Spaceship Earth)
  • Act III: Imagination (“And so, as you can plainly see, imagination works best when it’s set free!” – Journey Into Imagination)
    • “One Little Spark” (reprise, Journey into Imagination with Figment)
    • “Makin’ Memories” (Magic Journeys pre-show)
    • “Veggie, Veggie, Fruit, Fruit” (Kitchen Kabaret)
    • “It’s Fun to Be Free” (World of Motion)
  • Act IV: Celebration (“May peace go with you forever and ever as you celebrate the future hand in hand” – Tapestry of Nations)
    • “Tapestry of Nations” (Tapestry of Nations)
    • “Golden Dream” (The American Adventure)
    • “Celebrate the Future, Hand in Hand” (Walt Disney World Millennium Celebration)
  • Act V: Finale
    • “One Little Spark” (reprise with new lyrics, Journey into Imagination with Figment)
    • “A Whole New World” (Aladdin)

Currently, the version of EPCOT Forever that is being offered is one without the kites. It will soon be ending its run to make way for LUMINOUS The Symphony of Us, which opens at EPCOT on December 5, 2023. Below is a look at the show as it is seen now. It was taken during its final performance before the arrival of Harmonious.

What do you think of EPCOT Forever? Have you seen it in person before? What is your favorite part of this show? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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