Hong Kong Disneyland Ambassadors 2024-2025

2024-2025 Disney Ambassadors Announced for Hong Kong Disneyland

The new Disney Ambassadors for Hong Kong Disneyland have been announced. Just days after the new Disney Ambassadors were announced at Disneyland and Walt Disney World, Beyan Tse and Gisele Abejero were announced as the 10th generation of Disney Ambassadors for Hong Kong Disneyland. The duo will officially begin their roles as Disney Ambassadors on January 1, 2024. In that role they will represent cast members, be a representative of Disney and its legacy to guests, and also support the resort’s work in the community. The two year role will build up to Hong Kong Disneyland’s 20th anniversary as well. The ceremony to make the announcement was held in Disney’s Storybook Theater, where Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse were on hand to help make the moment extra magical.

Michael Moriarty, managing director of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, said about the new Disney Ambassadors, “The Ambassador Program holds such a special place at Disney parks around the world. As we approach 100 years of Disney, it’s heartwarming to see this tradition continue to grow and evolve. Beyan and Gisele are a great representation of the diversity in cultures, languages, personalities and expertise among our cast member family. I am confident they will complement each other beautifully and inspire hope and possibility in our cast members, community and beyond.”

The theme for the Disney Ambassador Program this year is “Discover the Dream Maker in You.” Beyan Tse shared that she has been a Disney fan since first visiting Hong Kong Disneyland in 2005. Her career as a cast member began in 2019 in financial management, alliances and sourcing, where Tse felt a strong sense of belonging right from the beginning. Tse showed determination to explore new horizons and break boundaries. Hong Kong Disneyland shared that “Tse discovered the dream maker within her through her extensive work as an active member of Disney VoluntEARS and the Disney VoluntEARS Leadership Council, which sparked in her a newfound appreciation for serving the community.”

“Doing volunteer work not only brings happiness to the beneficiaries, but also to every Disney VoluntEAR,” said Tse. “I still remember the smile of a sick child when she met Queen Elsa for the first time at HKDL. Seeing her happy face strengthened my devotion to caring for children and the elderly,” she recalled fondly. Tse hopes that as a Disney Ambassador she will be able to share her ove for the resort, and all the love she’s received there, with the cast and the community around her.

Gisele Abejero originally came from the Philippines. Abejero passion for dancing came to life 15 years ago when getting hired at Hong Kong Disneyland. Throughout her Disney career, she has participated in many ways at the resort. She has participated in multiple classic Hong Kong Disneyland shows including The Golden Mickeys and Mickey and the Wondrous Book, and even has been a dance captain for Festival of the Lion King. When not dancing and is off stage, the most important thing to Abejero is that of being a mother. This is especially true when it comes to her youngest daughter who has autism. She shared that her experience as a mother to a child with autism opened her heart and helped her see the world with more compassion, empathy and understanding. She sought to become a Disney Ambassador because she wants to bring smiles to people’s faces.

“Children remind me to stay young at heart,” she said. “I feel so excited to share stories with them along with my Disney family, bringing them hope and inspiration. My greatest wish is for all children to grow up in a magical place like Disney full of creativity and imagination,” she added. Disney shared that “both Tse and Abejero’s unique journeys showcase the transformative power of imagination, reflecting the essence of Walt Disney’s vision.”

About the Hong Kong Disneyland Ambassador Program

The Disney Ambassador Program dates back to 1965, when Walt Disney selected the very first Disney Ambassador for the 10th anniversary of Disneyland, starting a tradition that has grown over the years at parks and resorts all around the world. Every selection year since its opening, Hong Kong Disneyland chooses its Disney Ambassadors from about 5,000 full-time cast members.

Acting as the representative of the resort and fellow cast members, the Disney Ambassadors participate in various community service activities, such as Disney VoluntEARS, to bring the unique magic of Hong Kong Disneyland to communities in need and spread the positive energy of Disney. The Disney Ambassadors are also responsible for welcoming guests from across the globe, organizing and participating in various events and bringing cast members together with the shared purpose of capturing Disney magic in Hong Kong.

Congratulations to both Beyan Tse and Gisele Abejero! Daps Magic wishes you all the best in your coming term over the course of the next two years!