Get Together with Friends During Duffy Month and Celebrate Halloween as Fall Returns to Shanghai Disney Resort

Shanghai, August 22, 2023 – The cool, crisp breeze, the golden leaves, and the sweet smell of osmanthus in the air can only mean one thing — the arrival of the fall season and a calendar packed with excitement at Shanghai Disney Resort! This year, fall is back at the resort starting September through November, welcoming the return of an all-new Duffy Month with Mid-Autumn magic, the October Golden Week holiday, a frightful-but-delightful Halloween, and more. From gatherings with close friends to family outings, Shanghai Disney Resort invites everyone to revel in long-anticipated celebrations and exciting new experiences as they create everlasting memories during the golden season.

Duffy and Friends Take Inspiration from Chinese Traditions in Elevated Duffy Month
Together with Mickey Mouse’s help, Duffy and Friends have been learning all about the Mid-Autumn Festival, which is one of the highlights of this annual event beginning September 1. Drawing inspiration from Duffy and Friends’ newfound knowledge of this traditional Chinese festival, this year’s Duffy Month promises to take guests on an exciting journey and is certainly not to be missed by guests and Duffy fans of all ages.

With Mid-Autumn approaching, Duffy and Friends are preparing for a heartwarming gathering and a feast of delicious mooncakes as the beautiful scent of flowering osmanthus trees fills the air. For the first time ever, Duffy and Friends will be wearing new outfits designed exclusively for Duffy Month, featuring pastel shades and styles inspired by Chinese traditions, costumes, and flower motifs. Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse will also be proudly wearing their new outfits, designed in the style of traditional Chinese nobility, and invite Duffy and Friends to join them for a new special show set “Enjoying the Moon with Duffy and Friends” against the backdrop of the poetic Wandering Moon Restaurant.

Guests will have plenty of opportunities to capture memorable photos with Duffy and Friends themed décor around Mickey Avenue, including at the unmissable new Duffy floral which will welcome all guests to a month full of friendship-filled cuteness. And if that wasn’t enough, the miniatures will make their comeback this fall, complete with new adorably photogenic signage.

This year’s Duffy Month also marks the second anniversary of LinaBell’s global debut at Shanghai Disney Resort. Throughout the month, guests will be able to spot her arriving at the Entry Portal as she welcomes everyone to Mickey Avenue. The beloved inquisitive fox will also lead the parade as the Grand Marshal on September 29 in an appearance that fans should not miss.

As is tradition for Duffy Month, fans can look forward to a new series of collectable merchandise. This year, Shanghai Disney Resort has created an exclusive 2023 Mid-Autumn Duffy and Friends Collection featuring LinaBell, StellaLou, CookieAnn and ShellieMay plushes gently scented with osmanthus. The plushes are dressed in costumes decorated with traditional elements, echoing the Mid-Autumn theme. It wouldn’t be the Mid-Autumn Festival without delicious mooncakes, and this year, guests can enjoy a unique Duffy and Friends spin on this tradition with the Mid-Autumn Duffy and Friends Mooncake Set. Guests are able to purchase the 2023 Mid-Autumn Duffy and Friends Collection starting September 1, with select items being available in-park through the Special Merchandise Exclusive Draw and Special Merchandise Hotel Guest Exclusive Purchase Chance as well as on the Shanghai Disneyland Official Flagship Store on Tmall. Never to be left out of the fun, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are also embracing the festive occasion as they sport their Mid-Autumn outfits in a limited-edition Mickey and Minnie plush set.

Duffy Month is also the perfect occasion for guests to treat themselves to seasonal specialties at CookieAnn Bakery Café, like the Duffy and Friends-inspired roll cakes and a new CookieAnn butter cookie designed with Mid-Autumn elements. Fans of the sweet-smelling osmanthus blossoms will also be delighted to see this Chinese traditional staple take center stage in the new Duffy Month ice cream offerings, which include Osmanthus Flavored Ice Cream Cone, Osmanthus & Purple Sweet Potato Flavored Ice Cream Cone, Waffle with Toffee Flavored Ice Cream, and more. Over at the Royal Banquet Hall, the ever-popular Duffy and Friends Themed Weekend Afternoon Tea returns filled with an assortment of exquisite and photogenic dessert and Chinese traditional dim sum, while on September 23 and 24, the Duffy Weekend Brunch is just the thing to set the tone for a magical day.

Shanghai Disneyland Hotel at Shanghai Disney Resort is also embracing the “Friends Get Together for Duffy Month” themed celebrations with a series of special designed in-room amenities and recreational activities.

Classic Disney Halloween Returns with Extended Spook-tacular
As fall pushes on and the nights grow longer, adorable decorations give way to wicked surprises with the full return of a spellbound Halloween to Shanghai Disney Resort. From October 4 until November 3, the haunted season will see seasonal shows and villains, frighteningly delicious food and treats, and devilishly cute merchandise collections arrive in the park.

Guests who love dressing up in fabulous costumes are in for a treat as there is nowhere quite like Shanghai Disney Resort for all ages to embrace this tradition and show off their wicked side together with Mickey and Friends, and Duffy and Friends — all of whom will be wearing new outfits as they get ready to Trick-or-Treat all month long! In the Hundred Acre Wood, Winnie the Pooh and his friends will also get their very own outfits, waiting to meet guests in front of the overlay.

This Halloween, the legendary Shanghai Disney Resort Spook-tacular has been extended to five days, providing even more opportunities to enjoy a frighteningly good time! Sensing the arrival of more Spook-tacular Days leading up to All Hallows’ Eve, the Disney Villains are hungry for guests to tease and trick! Making their debut this year are Lady Tremaine and her daughters Anastasia and Drizella, better known as the wicked stepmother and stepsisters from Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Cinderella, as well as The Witch from Disney Animation’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, all of whom will be ready to meet any guests brave enough to face them.

Classic Halloween entertainment is back this year. From the Villain Balcony Walk to Donald’s Halloween Treat Cavalcade, the shows are guaranteed to chill guests to the bone. Familiar experiences are also set to return, as the Ghost Pirates roam Treasure Cove to haunt scallywags and rogues, and the “This IS Halloween!” Dance Party comes to the E-stage in Tomorrowland with a rocking set.

This year, even the food and drink can’t escape the spine-tingling spell that’s been cast over the resort! Guests can look forward to gobbling down dishes as dark as the hearts of the Disney villains, like black spaghetti, black burger buns, black pizza bases and other dishes throughout the resort. Guests will even find black ice cream cones available in new upgraded toffee and chocolate, and black sesame and persimmon ice cream flavors. True to the season, pumpkin-inspired cuisine can be enjoyed at every turn, from hearty fall classics like pumpkin soup to pumpkin-themed cookies, cakes, and pretzels. This year, CookieAnn Bakery Café is also really putting the treat in “Trick-or-Treat” with special Halloween cakes, donuts and chocolate cookies, while a new menu at Donald’s Dine ‘n Delights offers a festive selection of food from starters all the way through to desserts.

For frights that will last a lifetime, Mickey and pals and Duffy and Friends have put on their eeriest looks for their all-new Halloween collections! In the 2023 Halloween Mickey and Friends Collection, new plush and keychains feature Mickey and friends kitted out in fashionable Halloween theater looks. Meanwhile, the 2023 Halloween Duffy and Friends Collection includes plushes, keychains and fashion apparel inspired by classic Halloween elements like candy, pumpkins, and witches that are sure to add wicked flair to any Halloween costume! The launch date and more details will be announced later through the resort’s official channels.

Over in Disneytown, family guests can again enjoy a fantastic Treat-or-Treat experience this Halloween season. Guests can continue the spellbinding magic at the hair-raising Frightfully Fun Dance Party, greet the mischievous Magic Mirror on the wall, and groove to the haunting melodies of The Ghost Band as night falls. More nighttime haunts include listening to the captivating tales of The Lost Souls, and the bewitching performances by the Magic Glee Club. Guests can also test their courage by staying overnight at either of the resort’s two hotels, both of which are filled with frightening Halloween decorations and exclusive seasonal offerings!

And from October 11 to November 9, the popular Coco-themed area returns, where guests can sing along with Miguel in Adventure Isle in more magical and musical adventures for the whole family.

With a Slew of Holidays on the Way, Golden Vistas and New Surprises Await
Autumn is the perfect time for families to get outdoors and escape the hustle and bustle of the city and unwind with a memorable vacation at Shanghai Disney Resort, while experiencing the finest weather of the year in addition to all the season’s holidays – the Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day, Double Ninth Festival, and more. Each holiday presents special occasions to spend quality Disney time with friends, families, or a significant other.

During the first few days of Golden Week, from October 1 to 3, a special castle projection will be presented before the iconic nighttime spectacular ILLUMINATE! A Nighttime Celebration, in Shanghai Disneyland to celebrate. Guests will also be able to enjoy this magical projection during the lively evening hours.

The change of seasons also means guests can take advantage of special bundled packages and staycation packages to make the most of their visit to the resort:

  • In Disneytown, food lovers can look forward to enjoying dinner and a show – a new bundle featuring Donald Duck Feast Set Menu at Donald’s Dine ‘n Delights and “ILLUMINATE! A Nighttime Celebration” Imagination Terrace (Session 1) for Two.
  • Fans can keep the Duffy Month celebration going with the Disney Dream Vacation – Duffy and Friends Package, featuring one night at the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel with a cheerful LinaBell themed overlay, Lumière’s Kitchen Duffy themed dinner buffet and breakfast buffet for two adults, two one-day dated park tickets, Disney Premium Access Family Set of 3 and one Park Dining Voucher Set of Three.

With a range of festivals, holidays, celebrations, and more, there is nowhere quite like Shanghai Disney Resort to enjoy the full magic of autumn this year!