GEEK EATS: Plant-based Quinoa Salad Recipe From Kusafiri Coffee Shop & Bakery

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With it now being the middle of summer, it is the perfect time to continue to enjoy salads. They offer a refreshing meal that offer a respite to the heat. Daps Magic is continuing to share a series of five salad recipes from Walt Disney World that are perfect for a summer’s day. Today’s Plant-based Quinoa Salad Recipe comes from Kusafiri Coffee Shop & Bakery at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It is the recipe that has been modified and shared by Disney to be made at home. Check out the recipe below, give it a try, and then share how it turned out!

How did the Plant-based Quinoa Salad turn out for you? What did you think of it? Have you had it at Disney’s Animal Kingdom? How did it compare? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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