The CHOC Walk in the Park presented by Disneyland® Resort is back for 2023, and Daps Magic is counting down the days until August 20th! Our Team Daps Magic is coming together, but there’s always room for more friends! Have you thought about joining, but didn’t know how to start or what’s involved? Are you already part of the team, but have questions about how the event works? Then this is the guide for you!

What is CHOC?

Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) is a nonprofit health system that provides groundbreaking, empathetic, and personalized care for critically ill infants, children, adolescents, teens and young adults in the OC. The work they do around the clock to “help kids get back to being kids” is remarkable. Every year for the past three decades, except for a break during COVID, CHOC has organized a fundraising walk through the Disney parks. It has brought in approximately $3 million annually, funding that goes directly to CHOC’s ability to transform pediatric healthcare and assist families during their most desperate hours.

CHOC cares for over 250,000 children annually in two facilities in Orange County. They have developed five centers of excellence in cardiology, orthopedics, neurology and neurosurgery, oncology, and research. Out of the $143 million that CHOC provides in community benefits annually, 90%, or over $128 million, covers care for families regardless of their ability to pay. Funding from CHOC Walk goes toward landmark projects like a new Southwest Tower that will house outpatient services like a comprehensive imaging center, a dedicated Research Institute floor, and multiple specialty clinics. Fundraising efforts also support WellSpaces for mental health education and the Fetal Care Center of Southern California in partnership with the University of California, Irvine.

Getting Involved

So you may be asking, “how can I get involved?” The good news is that it’s easy! All you need to do is sign up for a CHOC Walk team and begin fundraising. If you’re already here reading this, then we consider you a friend! You have a home with us and we would love to have you join Team Daps Magic! You can do this at by clicking on “Join our Team.”

Once you sign up, there is a $15 nonrefundable registration fee. Don’t worry, this goes toward your fundraising goal! Everyone ages 3 and older who joins from June 1st onward needs to raise $150 in order to participate in the CHOC Walk in the Park on Sunday, August 20. You can do this with any combination of personal donations and outside fundraising. CHOC has helpfully provided resources to assist with raising funds. Many are included in your personal profile, like templates for reaching out to potential donors or posting on social media. There is even a webinar for learning all the tips and tricks!

Don’t feel like you have to limit yourself to raising just $150 either! There are generous incentives for those who hit certain dollar minimums, including Disneyland tickets! Many local companies are also gift matching donors for CHOC. Check out this list to see if your employer is one of them!

If you’re reading this and would love to help out but can’t make it to the event this year, we’d also love it if you would consider donating to any of our team members. Every little bit helps to support kids in need; no gift is too small. You can visit our team site here to learn more about giving.

What to Expect for CHOC Walk

So what if you’re on the team and wondering about the CHOC Walk itself? How does it work? Well, first you’ll want to make sure that all the money you’ve raised is entered by the check-in dates of August 18-19. That is when the fundraising minimum must be met. If you weren’t quite there yet online, you can bring donated funds or pay the remaining balance at check-in.


You’ll need an event wristband in order to participate in the CHOC Walk. These will be available for pick up on August 18 and 19. It is not possible to check in on the day of the event. Check-in happens at South Coast Plaza – Ancillary Studios in Costa Mesa, CA. More details, including a map, will be available here. If you are unable to attend one of the check-in dates, a friend, family member or teammate can check in for you, as long as your fundraising minimum has been met.


If you’re traveling to join us for CHOC Walk, or just want a comfy home away from home for the day, you may be interested in booking a hotel room. CHOC has provided some special deals through hotel partners, including the Disneyland Hotel, which are available here. Be aware that some of the reservation cutoff dates are approaching quickly—as early as July 14th for several locations.

Day of the Event – Fun and Spirit!

Before you know it, Sunday, August 20 will arrive! The CHOC Walk begins bright and early at 6:00AM. Team Daps Magic will gather at a location to be announced. We’ll get to know each other before the parks open and choose our spot for the opening ceremony. Once the sun rises, we will meet up with the larger CHOC community to walk through Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Parks! Special meetings with Disney character friends and entertainment surprises have been promised in both parks along the way. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see what’s in store!

One of the most exciting parts of CHOC Walk is the spirit of the teams. Team apparel, signs, banners, and balloons are encouraged! Daps Magic will be excited to express our love for the CHOC community and welcome any suggestions from the team! Let us know how you’d like to show our team spirit (beyond wearing fun hats)!


Free parking will be offered at the Disneyland Resort on the day of the event. Keep your eye on the CHOC Walk event site for this location to be announced, as well as other important instructions for participants. Note that admission to the Disney parks is not included once the CHOC Walk concludes. You’ll need a separate park ticket if you and your group would like to make a day of it at the Disneyland Resort. CHOC is not offering specially priced tickets with the wristband, but remember that tickets are included in some of the fundraising incentive packages!

Final Thoughts

Whether you can join our team, pitch in some funds, or just cheer along, thank you for your support! CHOC’s mission to help kids and families in Orange County is an essential one and one that Daps Magic loves celebrating every year!

Will we see you there on August 20? Are you a veteran CHOC Walk-er and have some tips to share? What’s your favorite part about the event? Do you have any questions for the team? Let us know in the comments below! Have a great day and #keepkind!


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