New Nighttime at Jabba’s Palace Star Wars LoFi Released

A new Star Wars Lofi has been released. As Star Wars: Return of the Jedi celebrates its 40th anniversary (and returned to theaters for a limited time, read Daps Magic’s review here), it is only fitting that this LoFi would be Nighttime at Jabba’s Palace. As the music plays, Jabba sleeps and is fanned by a Jawa. Occasionally something else happens or scurries by for those keeping a close eye. The music appears to draw inspiration from some of John Williams’ original Star Wars: Return of the Jedi orchestration. Check out this new Star Wars Lofi below.

Nighttime at Jabba’s Palace | Star Wars Lofi

This new Star Wars LoFi is the newest of several that have been released. Each of these has iconic scenes or locations from a Star Wars movie with accompanying music. They are great to have on while working, relaxing, doing homework, or just because.

What do you think of this new Star Wars LoFi? Which one that has been released so far is your favorite? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!


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