New Cast Member Nametags Arriving at Walt Disney World Resort

Tomorrow, visitors at Walt Disney World Resort might notice that cast members will be wearing new nametags. These new nametags come as Disney celebrates its 100th anniversary globally. Costume designer Joshua Winchester shared about the new nametags ahead of their arrival.

“The singular, golden star above Cinderella Castle represents our cast who are the guiding light of the Walt Disney World Resort,” said Joshua, “while the field of stars represents that little sprinkling of pixie dust our cast carry while making magic for our guests.”

The dreamy, misty blues were also inspired by the color palette from the Disney classic animated film, “Cinderella.” For the finishing touch, the nametag also features a glossy finish over the stars for a little glint and sparkle when the light catches.

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For decades, Disney nametags have helped cast members establish a family-friendly environment with guests as it carries their name and hometown.

New participants of the Disney College Program celebrate receiving their first nametags!

The cast can also celebrate their new nametag with a unique interactive lens thanks to some magic from Disney PhotoPass Service and Tinker Bell!

Beginning tomorrow, guests from around the world will see cast members wearing their new nametags while they spread happiness. At Disney, each person is constantly making ordinary days extraordinary with every smile, wave, and memory in the making.

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