Mondo Light & Magic – Original Soundtrack LP Now Available for Pre-order

The Light & Magic – Original Soundtrack LP is now available for pre-order from Mondo. This soundtrack features music by James Newton Howard for the docu-series Light & Magic which is available on Disney+. The LP is expected to be shipped in June 2023. Below is a look at the release details for this vinyl record.

Light & Magic – Original Soundtrack LP

Price: $30

Mondo, in partnership with Walt Disney Records and Lucasfilm, are proud to present the premiere physical release of James Newton Howard’s score to the Disney Plus documentary series LIGHT & MAGIC.



Liner notes – Brandon Wainerdi (Talking Bay 94)
Rpm – 33 1/3
Vinyl weight – 140 Gram

The history of Industrial Light & Magic, the foundational and legendary effects house, is at the center of this 6 part documentary series: how it continues to shape and revolutionize the industry, starting with how it was born from the needs of a little effects-heavy film from 1977 called Star Wars.

Grammy® and Emmy award winning composer James Newton Howard has never scored a Star Wars film (yet), but he and long-time collaborator, director Lawrence Kasdan (who himself wrote the legendary sequel The Empire Strikes Back) are perhaps the best duo to tackle the subject matter. Kasdan approaches candid and honest retrospectives from legends and titans like Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, James Cameron, Kathleen Kenedy, Phil Tippet, and so many more, while JNH’s soundscape creates a jazzy, dream factory-like aura around the narrative – appropriate, as the imagery these wizards created are nothing short of magic.

This limited edition vinyl set features all new liner notes by Brandon Wainerdi (Talking Bay 94 Podcast) and is pressed on 140g Mondo exclusive Splatter vinyl (also available on 140g Black Vinyl) with package design by Mondo Senior Creative Director Mo Shafeek.


Side A

  1. Light & Magic 0:41
  2. Scale & Focus 1:44
  3. Building Technologies 1:47
  4. Wonder 1:18
  5. Team Assembles 4:09
  6. The Paintings Inspired Me 2:21
  7. 1000x Exciting 0:58
  8. Separate Ways 0:48
  9. I Wasn’t Invited to Go 2:36
  10. The Train of Drama 2:22
  11. Indistinguishable from Reality 1:54

Side B

  1. Not Happy 0:42
  2. Lucky Guy 1:19
  3. Secret Special Effects People 2:19
  4. A Form of Alchemy 2:45
  5. Potatoes 2:04
  6. Family 1:56
  7. Optical Printer 1:33
  8. Final Assembled Product 2:27
  9. Ingenuity 2:45
  10. Never Grow Up 2:4

The Mondo Light & Magic Original Soundtrack LP can be pre-ordered on the Mondo website.

What do you think of this release from Mondo? Are you excited about this soundtrack being made available for vinyl? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

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