Is Volume 3 the Best Ending? – A Spoiler Free Review of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is here and it’s no secret that this is the final chapter for the Guardians as we know it. But, how does it fair as the final voyage of the team? Here’s a spoiler free review for you to find out if it’s worth seeing on the big screen:


James Gunn has always brought a unique soundtrack to the Guardians with music selected from a certain decade. Volume 3 brings in the 90s this time. From the get go I knew I would love the music with Radiohead the first song heard (and before you think that’s a spoiler, the playlist has been on streaming music suppliers for a few days now). The soundtrack fits the way the movie’s tone goes.


The characters are all updated in looks. Several of them have some enhancement features that fit this story that has progressed. The ships are very intricate, which was rather interesting to see. I bring that up because it actually fits in the plot, though it’s something I thought of more at the end and even after seeing the movie.

Makeup and costumes really shine in this film. The snazzy new Guardians uniforms really make them look like a team. Several aliens have some fun unique features that really make them fun to watch. But, I can’t describe more because of it spoiling some things. I will say that Nathan Fillion has a great costume.


This chapter of the Guardians films was darker in tone. It was noticeably more intense in scenes and has that big contrast to the first two. But, that doesn’t mean the story was bad. The story centers around Rocket needing a rescue, which ties into his origin story. Of course, Star Lord, Nebula, Drax, Mantis, Root and the rest of the crew are up for trying to find a way to save their little buddy.

This was an emotionally deeper story than any of the other Guardians films set out to be. It really made the characters seem more mature and give a sense of progression overall. Not since Infinity War and Endgame have I felt such emotional hits. So, it really has an excellent pacing and story to see on the big screen.

Is It Worth Seeing?

Yes. Yes it is. I’ll admit I didn’t have high expectations for the film. I’ve enjoyed these last phases of Marvel movies recently, but they haven’t all quite been the top ones like before Endgame. I really wasn’t sure what to expect with Vol. 3. The movie just worked so well. The fight scenes were brilliant to watch on the big screen. The colorful characters were so fun. The comedy helped balance the sadder tone of the film. It all just worked so well. And even more it gave that great finale that they all deserved. There is so much of the movie that I keep thinking about even a few days after seeing it. So, it is one that will last for a long time!

Catch Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 in theaters on May 5, and it will be well worth it!